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2009 Wolf Awareness Week Contest

Wolf Home Wolf Howl Animal Preserve is hosting its Sixth Annual Wolf Awareness Week Contest. Wolf Awareness Week is October 11-17. Wolf Awareness week became a national event in 1996. Since that time, Governors from 26 states have proclaimed the third week of October as Wolf Awareness Week. We are proud to say that Mississippi is one of them.

The goals set for Wolf Awareness Week are to create a consciousness of the role that a predator such as the Wolf plays in a healthy planet. The Wolf was all but exterminated from most of its historic range by the early 1900’s. Thanks to the Endangered Species Act and conservation groups, reintroduction of the Wolf into parts of the United States has been successful. This is a crucial time in the reintroduction and protection of Wolves. Many states are petitioning to remove the Wolf from its protected status. Increase your awareness of the Wolf by doing some research and creating a contest entry**. Entries may be posters, articles, crafts, drawing, etc. Be creative. There are four different age groups and prizes to be given away to the winners of each division. Winner entries and honorable mentions will be displayed on our website, www.EverythingWolf.com. The Wolf Awareness Week contest entry deadline is midnight, October 16, 2009. Judging will take place on October 17, 2009 at the Preserve.

Age Groups:

Please return the form below with your entry to Wolf Howl Animal Preserve, 1177 State Road 355, Etta, MS 38627. If you entry can be sent by email, you can send it as an attachment to helpthewolf@everythingwolf.com Thank you for participating in this important event!

Parent's signature:
If under 18

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*A mailing address is needed for delivery of prizes. Wolf Howl Animal Preserve will not make your exact addresses available on our website. Only your city and state will be shown on our website along with your name. Your address will be kept confidential. We will not distribute it to any other party.
**Entries become the property of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve and may be displayed at the Preserve and on our website.
By entering, you accept that the decision of the judges is final.
Void where prohibited - No purchase necessary.

Here are the winning entries from our previous Wolf Awareness Week Contest winners:
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