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Wolf Howl's 2006 National Wolf Awareness Week Contest Honorable Mentions

Alex Coyle of Virginia for her Wolf Totem.

Wolf Awareness Week honorable mention 2 In our 11-17 year old category, an Honorable Mention was given to Alex Coyle a student in Virginia. The Judges felt that Ms. Coyle's entry was imaginative and original. Alex has been interested in Wolves for quite awhile now. She has even volunteered her time here at the Preserve on her summer vacation. She shares her life with a dog that her family rescued named, Nick.

Chris Kirby for her poem entitled Wolf's Prayer.

Honorable Mention in the Adult category goes to Chris Kirby for her poem entitled Wolf's Prayer. Chris used her creative ability as a poet to describe the esteemed job of this predator in the wild. Ms. Kirby has participated in rescue endeavors for feral cats in her community. Chris and her husband Ken are faithful advocates of Wolves both in the wild and in captivity.

by Chris Kirby--Wolf Awareness Week 2006

Run, my mate, proud and steadfast
Your gait be strong and stamina last
The circle of life depends on your prowl
Hold your head high, sing your dear howl

May your sweet breath ride upon the breeze
bringing waters and fish and birds and trees
Your thankless job lets the scavengers feed
Hold your head high, howl to noble ancestry

Whether counted, collared, captive, or wild
run for every new pup and every new child
Our numbers return and the forests now glisten
Hold your head high, they are beginning to listen

Run true to your heart and keep vital the pack
for those yet to come and those who have passed
This honors my life with meaning and worth
Hold your head high, announce each new birth

Run in the steps our forefathers tread
Flourish everywhere their blood was once shed
Again we will be counted every day
and some will die so some may stay

Earthmaker drums my name this dawn
Know, my love, before I am gone
I answered bravely near our Mountainview
and my final thought was only of you

I keep in my heart your golden eyes
Use them to speak so they might realize
I will wait with the spirits to hear from thee
Hold your head high and howl for me

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