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Wolf Howl's 2004 National Wolf Awareness Week Contest Honorable Mentions

Ms. Lynne Kaiser of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin for her graphic design creation.
Wolf Awareness Week honorable mention 1

Mr. Christopher O'Connor, United Kingdom, for his graphic design submission. Wolf Awareness Week honorable mention 1

Ms. Julie Wesson of Wilton, Wisconsin for her fictional story.
The Seasons of Rural Wisconsin

I love the summertime! I played hide and seek in the meadow and lunched on the flowers of the luscious ladyslipper. I sneaked up on you and pulled off your hat and ran away to hide it. That was so fun! I ran races with my friends and even let that timid, cowering fellow win one time.

During the fall, one of my friends died unexpectedly. I felt such sadness and sang a very mournful song indeed. I moped around sadly for days and even checked various hiding places, hoping maybe I’d find my friend again, perhaps in the ravine, near our cave or by the babbling brook’s edge. He was gone forever, and I miss him.

When we had the first snowfall, I danced and sang, jumping in the air to grab the falling snowflakes. My friends and I ran through the snowdrifts, and sometimes I let my less-than-confident friend beat me to the shelter of the snow-frosted pines.

When springtime arrived, I babysat for my friend, while she got some food for her little ones. I even skipped dinner to help, but I didn’t mind. She needed help. I helped another friend keep safe when some bullies tried to hurt him when he wanted to eat with the others. By putting myself between him and the bullies, I was able to keep him safe.

I sang a wonderful song last night with my friends; we were all a little off key, but we didn’t care. Our song was still harmonious to us! I am Beta Wolf, and I love my place in the pack. I know that Alpha Wolf is the boss, but I’m next in line, but a heartbeat away from being the leader. My present job is to keep peace and to protect the often-picked-on Omega Wolf. I love my position in this hierarchy of friends here in rural Wisconsin no matter what the season.

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