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Our Story

Our Siberian Husky Niko It all began with a purchase of a Siberian Husky Pup, Niko. I began researching and learning as much as I could about the breed. I scoured the library and searched the Internet. I soon discovered that these dogs displayed, more so than other breeds, characteristics of "The Wolf". Now, I'm sure that most of you have heard that our domestic dog's primary descendant was the Wolf. It's hard to imagine that a poodle or pug could share common genes with Canis Lupus, but not so hard to imagine a Siberian doing the same.

Wolves were mentioned in almost all of the material I read regarding Huskies. It sparked my curiosity and my search for information took on a new vein. I read everything I could about Wolves. I read fact and historic fiction. I was fascinated and at the same time saddened by their plight. This great predator was in danger of becoming extinct. I began to look for ways to defend this creature, whom I have never met. I made donations, signed petitions and searched for things that I could do to secure their future on this planet. It was during this search that I met my first Wolf.

I discovered a wonderful facility that provided a home to Wolves and they were open to the Public. My husband, Don and I made the trek from Wisconsin to Indiana to check it out. We were impressed with what we found. The facility had a pack of Wolves in a seven-acre enclosure that sported a lake. They also had separate enclosures for older Wolves or ones that could no longer hack the life in a pack. They conducted wonderfully informative tours and different lectures throughout the day. These were all given in an environment where you could observe the Wolves while you listened.

The facility has a "Howl Night". As the sun set over the park, the wolves became active and we were able to observe them from our bleacher seats located outside of the main pack enclosure. We witnessed evidence of the pecking order, watching as the Alpha chased off the Omega. A game of chase ensued with other pack members. There was a lot of tail biting and roughhousing going on. My every sense was filled with the spirit of the "Wolf".

The Alpha Male started to howl and soon the rest of the pack responded. The cool night air was filled with the most beautiful, yet eerie sound. That sound was the most phenomenal song that I have ever heard. It entered through my ears, quickly spreading over my body causing goose bumps to appear on my skin. The chorus of howls continued and settled in my heart, where it has never left. I cannot say enough about a Wolf's Howl. It's impossible to describe while doing it justice. You have to hear their voices for yourself and feel them reach into your soul. Our visit to this Wolf facility further instilled in me the desire to work for and with these amazing animals.

 I quite accidentally stumbled upon a facility about an hour's drive from my home where seventeen Wolves were housed. I decided to volunteer my services. Within two weeks, I was conducting tours and in another week care taking of the Wolves. My relationship with these shy creatures grew as I spent more time around them. They greeted me with a chorus howl when I arrived in the morning to prepare their meals and clean their enclosures. It made getting up at 4:00am all worth while. I found myself chipping away at frozen scat and emptying water buckets while braving the cold Wisconsin winters. I would sweat in the heat while combating millions of mosquitoes during the summer. Working with these amazing Wolves led Don and me to our decision, to provide a safe haven and educational facility on our own land. The gears started turning.

Wolf Preserve Don "left a good job in the city working for the man both night and day", and we loaded up the truck and moved to Mississippi. Why Mississippi..........you ask? Well, we searched for almost two years for land that was large enough and also affordable. We found just that in Mississippi. It was the perfect place for our Animal Preserve. Wolf Howl Animal Preserve is officially in Pinedale, in the northeastern part of the state located right at the foot of the Holly Springs National Forest. Wolf Howl has approximately thirty-three acres in woods and seven acres in open field. There is a large, deep creek that runs through the center of the property and extends through the entire width. There are huge boulders nestled in the woods where Wolves would love to sunbathe and plenty of large trees, foliage and vegetation.

wsppup2.jpgWe are happy to report that we have put up our first large Wolf enclosure in September of 2005 and three wonderful Wolf pups have come to claim it as their territory!  Meet Our Wolves and listen to them howl.

On a sad note, our oldest Alpha Siberian Huskie, Niko, passed away shortly before the 2007 Wolf pups were born at the Preserve.  He will live on forever at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve in spirit, as he was the reason for all of this.

 Best Regards,
 Nakoo Wolf

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