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Wolf License Plates

All of the Wolf license plates have designs by famous Wildlife Artists such as Daniel Smith, Carl Brenders, Terry Isaac, Nancy Glazier, Randy McGovern and Matthew Hillier.

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Adorable, beautiful, what else can I say?

Special Price: $15.99
Buy this Wolf Cubs License Plate
Finely detailed graphics on this piece by Daniel Smith

Special Price: $15.99
Buy this Eyes of the North Wolf License Plate
New License Plate with our Niko Akni on it

Special Price: $17.99
Buy this New Niko Akni License Plate
Our Fiesty Woha Wolf on her own License Plate

Special Price: $15.99
Buy this Woha Wolf License Plate
Great design on a Wolf License Plate

Special Price: $15.99
Buy this Arapaho Moon Wolf License Plate
Gorgeous new plate, outstanding artwork of Daniel Smith

Special Price: $15.99
Buy this Raven Rhetoric Wolf License Plate
Our beautiful Alpha Female

Special Price: $17.99
Buy this Chito in Pines Wolf License Plate
Our own adorable Omega Wolf on a License Plate

Special Price: $15.99
Buy this Nita Wolf License Plate
The wonderful artwork of Carl Brenders

Special Price: $15.99
Buy this "Disorderly Conduct" Wolf License Plate
Matthew Hillier design

Special Price: $16.99
Buy this "Usual Suspects" Wolf License Plate
Beautiful color
Temporarily Out Of Stock
This Wolf Art License Plate has a matching keychain

Special Price: $14.99
Buy this "Tundra Summit" Wolf License Plate
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