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Deluxe Adopt a Wolf Kit - Woha

Wolf Pic,certificate,Wolf Fur Pendant,Wolf Bio Sheet
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When you buy the deluxe adopt a Wolf Kit, Woha, you will receive in the mail a 5x7 color photo of her, a personalized symbolic adoption certificate suitable for framing,  Wolf Fur Pendant with keepsake bag and a bio sheet on Woha. We take new pictures of the Wolves for the adoption kits around the first of each year. If you would like the certificate in another persons name, please fill out the special instructions box when you submit your order, call us or fill out the  Contact us  form.

*Remember to add the name of the symbolic adoptive parent, if it’s someone other than yourself in the special instructions box when submitting your order.

About Woha pronounced as it is spelled.

Woha's name means "howl" in the Choctaw language.  Woha was born in the spring of 2007.  She hummed when she drank her bottle and made the cutest little Wolf pup sounds.  She now has the most melodic sounding howl in the pack.  She is a definite soprano.  Woha is her Mother's daughter.  She felt it her responsibility to be the boss of this pack.  She led a coup against her Mother and former Alpha female in the fall of 2010.  Unfortunately, for Woha and Ohoyo this did not work as planned.  Ohoyo was driven from the pack and her Sister; Chito took over as dominant female while Woha's position temporarily dropped from Beta to Omega. As of the 2017 winter breeding season, Woha has officially accepted her position of Omega in the Wolf Howl Pack.  We are thrilled to see this as it has brought calm to our pack.

Woha is very affectionate with her caretakers and the life of the party, literally.  She shares her Mother's skills for boldness and present opening.

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