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daddyplease-1.jpgWolf Awareness Week became a national event in 1996. Since that time, Governors from 26 states have proclaimed the third week of October as Wolf Awareness Week. We are proud to say that Mississippi is one of them.

The goals set for Wolf Awareness Week are to create a consciousness of the role that a predator such as the Wolf plays in a healthy planet. The Wolf was all but exterminated from most of its historic range by the early 1900’s. Thanks to the Endangered Species Act and conservation groups, reintroduction of the Wolf into parts of the United States has been successful. This is a crucial time for Wolves.  Outside of the Mexican Gray Wolf and the Red Wolf protection has been lifted for the Gray Wolf in the lower 48 states and they are once again being hunted and trapped.  We must make people aware of the fine line that the Wolves are now walking.  They have only been restored to less than 4% of their historic range.


Things you could do:

Visit a Wolf Preserve, like ours and learn about their true nature.  Bring your friends and family along.

Join our Wolf Forum, post Wolf news you hear about, petitions and join discussions regarding them.

Engage people in conversations regarding the Wolf.  Dispel misconceptions people have about them.  They were put on this earth to do a job and that is to keep the ungulate population in check and healthy.  Let them do their job in peace.

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USA Wolves T Shirt - XXL
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Wolf Howl High Top Shoes - 7.5
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Moonlit Creations Wolf Magnet
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Wolf Eyes Puzzle
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