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In Memory of Ohoyo 2005 – 2018

Ohoyo came to us in the Fall of 2005.  She was a caretaker’s challenge.  She was 5 months old and pretty bold for a Wolf that young.  She gave humans tiny little nips any opportunity she could get.  She also loved to tear up whatever you were wearing.  She became jealous when her female caretaker would pay attention to the two male Wolves, Waya and Wa-ta-chee.  She would try and get them away from her and she was usually successful.  Once she saw we weren’t intimated by her, she eventually stopped this behavior with her two primary caretakers but we could never trust her not to bite other caretakers.  She had a limited friend’s list.

She mated with Wa-ta-chee during the winter breeding season of 2007 and graced us with 4 beautiful wolf pups.  She wasn’t too upset when we took them for human socialization.  When we returned them a few months later, she didn’t have too much patience for them.  Often Alpha females let other pack mates raise their young when they are done nursing.  This was the case with Ohoyo.  She turned them over to Waya.  She did show affection to Chito and Nita.  Woha and her were too much alike and Ohoyo was hard on her.  She was also very hard on Niko Akni.  I think because he was the only male pup she was trying to make him tough.

When Woha, one of the female pups reached her sexual maturity, she led a coup against her Mom along with her two sisters.  We tried to let them work it out but eventually feared for Ohoyo’s safety and had to remove her from the main enclosure.  We put her in an adjoining enclosure where she remained, happy and safe until she died.

Ohoyo was a very dominant little wolf.  She wasn’t happy unless she was running the show.  She was often seen up on one of her three houses keeping an eye on things at the Preserve.  She would participate in chorus howls with the rest of the pack.  Ohoyo also enjoyed fence fighting with her daughter’s Chito and Woha.

She ate her food on an overturned tub.  We called it her table.  She had a routine when her caretakers brought in food.  She had to check out what was in the pan before we were allowed to walk into the enclosure.  She would pick out something she wanted and wolf it down immediately.  Then she would follow us to her dining room (one of her houses) where we placed the pan with the rest of the food.  She would carry whatever she was eating over to her table.
She enjoyed belly and back rubs from her two caretakers.  We will miss her feistiness.
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