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In Memory of Chito
2007 – 2017

Chito was the largest pup born to Wa-ta-chee and Ohoyo in the spring of 2007.  We gave her name because it meant enormous in the Choctaw language.  She remained a larger female her entire life.  She was absolutely gorgeous to look at.

From her time as a small pup, she loved having her belly rub and would follow her caretakers around plopping down in front of them to solicit them.  It was hard to refuse her as she was insistent.  Chito would whimper and whine while you were rubbing her big old belly.  If she thought you were even thinking of stopping, she would whomp you with one of her big front paws.  She even scratched my new pair of glasses.  She did this up until the day before she died.

Another thing that Chito loved was her Sister, Nita.  Those two Wolves had a tight bound from the beginning as they banded together under the brutal dominance of their Sister, Woha.  Quite often you would see Nita and Chito huddled up cuddling together or lying on their backs talking in their own language to each other.  It was always heartwarming to see.

Chito was our singer.  It didn’t take much to get a howl out of her.  She was always the one who would start howling for visitors on a tour of the Preserve.  She howled everyday of her life.  Sometime she liked to sing by herself and you would hear her giving this lovely melodic howl in the middle of the night. She was always the one to start a chorus howl.  We haven’t heard them howl since she passed away.


Chito had another passion and that was scent rolling.  She did this on any new object that was brought into her territory and even on her caretakers.  She would rub up against you as hard as she could often knocking you off balance if you weren’t prepared.

Her favorite things were plush animals that she carried around and slept with.  I think she treated them like pups.  She would defend them against her pack mates and give them the ugly face if they tried to take them from her or pick them up off the ground.

Chito became the Alpha or dominant female after winning the role from her Sister Woha in 2010.  She ran a tight ship.  Ohoyo, her Mom liked to fight with her through the fence and they both put on some loud displays but neither of them ever tried to really hurt each other.

This Wolf girl was a character and a strong female that will be sorely missed in the Wolf Howl pack.


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