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2010 National Wolf Awareness Week Honorable Mentions

chin 001.jpg There were hundreds of entries in the 11-17 category and I felt for the Judges just trying to single out one for Honorable Mention.  It was a real hard task and they asked if they could cite 2 entries.  So this year’s Honorable Mentions in the 11-17 category go to Ashley-Nicole Chin of the Terra Environmental Research Institute in Florida for her very creative entry of a Wolf Welcome Mat.  The Judges like the fresh idea of her entry and most importantly the message.  Congratulations, Ashley-Nicole!

banks.jpg Another Honorable Mention in the 11-17 category goes to Madison Banks age 13 of Memphis, Tennessee.  Her entry was a take on the Pledge of Allegiance that touched the heart of the Judges.  We were able to meet Madison and her Mother during our Wolf Awareness Week celebration.  She loves Wolves and spent the entire day here observing them.  Good job Madison!


I would like to take this opportunity to mention a few entries from the Students at Terra that I found to be very good and that you can see pictured below.  There was a delightful hard covered book  with Wolf facts made by Andrea Garaycoa, a howling (using our Wolves songs) picture frame and poem by Amaya M. Ramirez.  Two really cool dioramas, one entitled Wolf Mountain by Parker Abbott and another I call Gray Wolves by Daniel Gonzalez.  There was a poem and drawing that made us all get teary eyed by Natalie Calvo.  A drawing of a Wolf with the words “Ever dreamed of saving the world?  Well, start by saving a Wolf!  They are more important than you think!” by Soraya Alcala.  The poster by Juan Posso had an important message; “Extinction is Forever”.  A really neat Rock art poster of a Wolf by Matthew R Colon made me smile.  I was fascinated by the work of Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente a famous ethologist who saved Wolves from extinction in Spain.  Thank you Amanda L Garcia for sharing that information with us.  I loved the drawing by Alyssa Orosa that had a human boy howling with a pack of Wolves, the caption read “If you can’t beat the pack, join ‘em!”  There were two cool poems and drawings by Tori Burstein and Julie Householder that I thought were very good.  Nanette Giutierrez made a really good drawing of a Gray Wolf.  The Judges got a kick out of Judith J Castilblanco's entry of the sleeping Wolf pups, the caption read “ I r ferocious wolfie!  Hear me rawr….”  I loved the cupcakes that were made spelling out “Save Our Wolves” by Ashley Lowd.  I do have a question on that though, how come you didn’t send those in to us?  Wolves and their caretakers love cupcakes!

waw2010-1.jpg  waw2010-3.jpg

Finally, Sophie Wright a 12 year old student in Melbourne, Australia sent us some outstanding drawings that she did.  You are an extremely talented Artist and it’s hard to believe you are that young.  Keep on drawing Wolves, you have a real knack for it!

You have all inspired me to change up the categories next year so we could have more winners.  I believe we will change the age categories to 11-14 and 15-17 to give more of you a chance to win.  You are all winners in my book though and I thank you with all of my heart for caring about Wolves.

gardner.jpg In the Adult category, this year’s Honorable Mention goes to Juanita Gardner of California.  She entered a very touching poem entitled, Nita’s Blessing.  You are a very talented writer and the Judges appreciated you using your gift to create awareness for the Wolves of this world.



Thank you all for participating in this year’s National Wolf Awareness Week contest.  Chorus Howls and hugs to all.

Maria Ferguson
Wolf Howl Animal Preserve

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