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Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolf Pups are Feeling More at Home - by Maria Ferguson

Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolf Pups are Feeling More at Home - by Maria Ferguson


Well, it’s been just a bit over a month since the Wolf pups have arrived at the Preserve.  I am pleased to say that they are adjusting nicely to their new home.  The feeding schedule and the amount of food took a few weeks to adjust.  The pups were eating frantically for a few days.  I’m sure they didn’t trust that they would be fed when they were hungry.  I’m happy to report that now there is plenty of food left over to cache.  On non feed days they receive large bones, with plenty of meat on them, kibble and other treats such as beef hot dogs, rawhides, eggs and veggies.  We are now in a comfortable feeding schedule of every other day.  On feed days they receive beef stew meat, heart and liver.  They also enjoy three to four chicken quarters per Wolf.  Our Veterinarian, Dr. Harland, suggested that we add some high quality kibble to their diet in lieu of a vitamin supplement and we have done so.  It is not their favorite thing in the world but they do eat it eventually.

ohoyosleepy.jpgOhoyo, the female Wolf pup, is the boldest of the three.  She loves attention from her caretakers and quite frankly, demands it.  We have had to gently encourage Ms. Ohoyo to have some respect for her caretakers, especially their clothes. 
Waya and Watachee, the male pups, have aided us in this endeavor.  Ohoyo is a joy.  She loves to show off her skill of jumping on her house and then hopping onto the roofs of each of her male packmates abodes.  One evening as I was refilling water buckets with fresh water, she jumped on top of her house.  I went over to give her some pettings and extended my hand to her palm up.  I was amazed that she put her huge paw right in my hand.  She was smart enough to figure out that I was delighted with this and she now offers me her paw when she wants my attention.  She approaches me with airplane ears, rolls over on her back and sometimes-even piddles.  When the male pups approach, during our mutual admiration sessions, her first instinct is to distract me away from them by grabbing on to my shirt or jeans.  I use the words “No bite” quite a bit with the girl but she is learning and so am I.  It’s a joint effort to discourage this type of behavior.  When I see the other pups approaching, I will either try to distract her or slowly start in another direction or task.  I have seen her resist the temptation of holding on to me on several occasions but sometimes she just can’t resist that.  All in all, she is adjusting nicely to our Preserve and our caretakers.

watacheepose.jpgWatachee, our largest Wolf pup is quite an independent soul.  He seems to be working on his own agenda for at least half of the time we are able to observe him.  He does enjoy his female caretaker’s attentions and is curious about the male caretaker but prefers a more feminine touch.  He gives lots of mouth kisses and likes to be hugged and kissed on the head.  He’s a very smart Wolf and keeps his caretaker on her toes when it comes to moving him from enclosure to enclosure.  He figured out that if all three Wolves went into the isolation area to eat, the gate would be shut to the main enclosure.  Therefore, he takes his time going to chow or decides to just wait it out until the caretaker has left with the gate open.  Not to worry, his caretaker is getting very creative, too.  I feel like I am sometimes playing an ongoing game of Chess with Watachee. 

wayabasking.jpgWaya, is the Alpha Male.  I am slowly building some trust with him.  He now allows me to touch him briefly and has been so bold as to jump up on me one time.  Where he feels more comfortable approaching me is when Watachee is with me receiving attention.  Waya will approach and put his head over Watachee’s back and let me scratch his face for a few minutes.  He is also getting to the point where he will lie down near me and even fall asleep when I’m in the enclosure with them.  Waya is the Wolf who gets most excited when I come out to clean and feed in the morning.  He runs along the fence playfully, giving little whimpers as I make the long walk over to the airlock.  All three Wolves jump up on the gate as I’m unlocking the four locks that lead to the main enclosure.  I know I’m going to be mobbed by Ohoyo and Watachee as I enter so I try to give Waya extra attention before I open the gate.

We are still waiting for a chorus howl.  Watachee has tried to start a howl several times but Waya jumps on him immediately.  He is not ready to announce to the neighborhood that Wolves have arrived.  Two mornings in a row at 4:00am we awoke to the tail end of a howl but haven’t been able to hear a full chorus yet.  When this happens, we will know that Waya feels like he is completely safe in his new home.

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