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Wolf News from Wisconsin

Wolves in Wisconsin Removed from State's Threatened Species List

Julie Wesson, of Wilton Wisconsin, a devotee of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve and "gardener extraordinaire, wrote Nakoowolf to share two newspaper articles that she found this week. Julie quotes article one of two: 

"Just came across another Wisconsin wolf story from the Wisconsin State Journal:
The gray wolf, once hunted until it became but a rumor in Wisconsin's forests, was removed Wed. from the state's list of threatened animals by the Natural Resources Board.  "This really is a success story for Wisconsin's natural heritage," said Signe Holtz, director of the DNR's Bureau of Endangered Resources.  "This is really an exciting day."
The number of wolves in Wisconsin has climbed steadily under a recovery program overseen by the agency.  The wolf did much of the work on it's own after it was placed on both the state and federal endangered species lists.  Animals, nearly wiped out by trapping and poisoning in the 1950's, started moving again into the state's protected wild lands, mostly from Minnesota.

Howling Wolf photo by Monty Sloan The change in status does little to change how the wolf population will be managed.  It is still on the state's list of protected wild animals and can't be hunted or trapped.  Because the wolf has been removed from the federal endangered list, state wildlife officials can shoot problem wolves that kill livestock.
Removal of the wolf from the federal threatened species list, which is being considered, would allow the DNR to issue permits to landowners to shoot problem wolves.
George Meyer, director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, urged the Natural Resources Board to consider managing the wolf as any other fur-bearing animal and allow trapping and hunting.  Such a step will be necessary, he said, if the public is to continue supporting growing wolf populations.
Eric Koens, speaking for the Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association agreed.  "I think some sort of population control has to be part of the plan,"  Koens said.
Holtz said a hunting or trapping season on wolves would require action by the state Legislature.

Thanks for sharing Julie.  Owwwwwwwwww!  Nakoowolf has strong opinions on the above article.  To be fair, she will save her comments for the upcoming Wolf Forum that is being designed for our website. 

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