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Wolf Dogs in California in need of Rescue


* Please note that these Wolfdogs, are no longer in need of homes and the contact email has been removed.
This request below  was forwarded to Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.  The animals in need of a home are in the picture above.  Please be aware that these are not socialized Wolf Dogs.  An experienced person is needed for this rescue.  A contact email is at the bottom of this article.
Thank you.  Maria Ferguson

Hi there,

This text was copied and sent to you as a call for help. I am part of a group in Santa Cruz, California that is currently involved in a hybrid rescue project which has spanned the past 5 months. We're hoping that either you or the other wolf related folks that you know may be able to help contact someone with availability for a long term placement of the animals we've been working with.

Now, before I get into all the detailed information about the animals and links I think I should mention that I am not a non-profit organization, do not have any sort of recognized status, but do know what I'm doing and am trying to do it with the best of intentions. I'm just a caring guy that heard of some hybrids in need and put together an effort with a blowgun, my vet tech skills/connections, and some other folks that wanted to do a good deed. These animals would have been shot or otherwise killed in the area they were originally located in. In fact one was most likely killed and one does have a gunshot injury on it's foreleg that was visible via x-rays.

So, first off...answering questions I know anyone would ask:

What's the history on these animals? There are 3 animals but currently we only have the 2 males captured. The female we captured managed to get loose and the recapture effort is already underway. These animals were most likely abandoned or dumped in the wild and have grown up living on people scraps as well as what they could scavange. We have photos of them from a very young age out in the wild up to current. The group is not social with humans beyond coming within 20 feet or so with food once accustomed to it. However, they are EXTREMELY social with other dogs. I have many photos and video of them playing with canines of all sizes (dachshund to german shepherd) at the ranch they were captured at. They are very submissive in general with other dogs. These are not pure wolves..they are hybrids most likely mixed with malamute for the background. They are just under a year old. They will be spayed/neutered when we place them. They will also have thier basic vaccines when we place them. They will be flea/tick free.

What about health issues? To explain the health issues here are the names the animals have been given for clarification. Thorne (lead male), Rebel (second male), and Skye (the only female). Rebel is totally fine from all I can tell and has no obvious health issues. Thorne fractured a tooth or two when captured as he hit the chain link fencing of our capture pen. Beyond that he also appears totally fine. The minor tooth fractures have not affected his eating whatsoever. Lastly, Skye....Skye has an old gunshot wound in her right front carpus area. Specifically the 2 outter most metatarsals were blown away from the carpus/wrist. However, she gets along fine even though she has a limp. She had 2 small lacerations as well but they were healing nicely before she managed to get free. These animals do not have health certificates for interstate transit but I could easily take care of that if it's needed. Their weights are: Thorne - 80#, Rebel - 75#, Skye - 62# but we do expect them to be a bit more when they have aged a bit.

What are we looking for? Currently these animals have temporary sanctuary here with us in a fortified enclosure we built on our property separate from our own hybrids. The enclosure for these rescues currently is 2500 square feet and definitely not a permanent option. We would preferably like to place these animals somewhere all 3 could be placed together, but that is NOT a necessity. We just want them to lead happy lives with other animals if not each other. These animals will need someone experienced with containment and working with non-domesticated animals. Their temperment is timid, but wild. They may never be social with people, but they have shown signs that if worked with this may change.

I apprieciate any help you can provide either yourself or through others by
passing this along.  It's been a tremendous effort so far.  I thank you for
taking the time to read this in advance.  Thank you in advance,


Disclaimer:  Wolf Howl Animal Preserve, LLC will not be responsible for any damages or injuries in regards to the transfer of guardianship for these Wolf Dog Crosses.  Wolf Howl Animal Preserve, LLC does not stand to gain any monetary profit from the exchange

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