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Wolf Christmas 2019

Wolf Christmas 2019


Ohoyo and Woha opened their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.  Ohoyo makes me laugh.  Every time Woha got near the fence, she growled at her.  I think her favorite part of Christmas is tearing things up. She did enjoy the treats, too. Woha is good at opening presents and seemed to enjoy the treats and playing with her two new toys.  She also kept the packs tradition of a scent roll on her presents.  Below you will find the video of our two remaining Wolves Christmas celebration.


Woha went into proestrus last night.  We heard her howling two nights in a row.  I’m sure she is looking for a mate.  We also know that she attracted the attention of local coyotes and one of our dogs, Tah-lee is not happy about that.  He was guarding all night.

It’s not easy for Woha being alone in that big enclosure.  She has become a nervous wolf.  However, we know we can’t put Ohoyo in with her because those two still squabble.  The fence is the only thing that keeps them safe.  She is still very active despite a fatty tumor on her leg.  She still runs around and jumps up on the den and platform with ease.


Ohoyo is most excited when I bring in food.  She greets me at the gate and I have to let her sample something out of her pan before I put it in her dining room or she won’t let me pass.
It’s been a rough year at Wolf Howl and we don’t anticipate anything getting much better.  These two Wolves are old and not without health issues.  Our goal is to make their remaining time with us as pleasant as we can.  

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