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Oh No, New Boots – by Maria Ferguson


Unfortunately every few years I have to get new work boots.  It is a dreaded time for me as a caretaker because there is always a Wolf or two who objects to the new gear.  This year it is Woha.  She is absolutely beside herself with anguish over the caretakers new boots.

You have to understand that Wolf rely mainly on their sense of smell.  I believe most wild animals do.  We have seen examples of this over and over again through our years of caring for them.  When I worked at the Wolf sanctuary in Wisconsin, we weren’t allowed to bring our clothes or boots home.  We had to keep them there and wear them without washing them ever.  Yes, it was gross for us humans.  I really thought the head caretaker was being ridiculous but with many years of experience under my belt now, I understand.
It’s been a week now and she still won’t come by me.  She’s fine with caretaker Don but he doesn’t have any new stuff.  I even tried bringing her treats.  She wouldn’t come to me to get one.  I also brought her one of my t shirts that I rubbed my scent on and also put the scent of the new boots on.  She won’t go near it.  The last time this happened was with a hat but I quit wearing it right away and it still took her a couple of days to not smell it on me.  This time I threw my old boots away because the leather was ripped and my socks were getting wet, so there is no turning back.  I absolutely love my new boots, very comfy and dry.  I do not like that she is so upset, through.  I hope she gets over it soon as it’s almost time for Sentinel and Frontline Plus.  If she won’t come by me it’s going to be tough giving it to her.

If you have watched video of us bringing in new things to them or if you’ve taken a tour here, you’ve seen a scent roll.  It’s all about the smell with Wolves.  Here is the video of the first day I donned the dreaded new boots.
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