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Cooling off the Wolves by Maria Ferguson


Our July started out extremely hot, pretty much like the rest of the US.  The Wolves were really sluggish.  To give them some hope that this heat and humidity will soon be over, we do a few things.  They love when we bring out face for them to much on.  However, their most favorite summer treat is vanilla ice cream.  We indulge this vice a few times a year.  This is one of the things that our Wolf Adoptions do for them.  As you will see in the video below, they really enjoy it.

Thankfully, the end of July and so far the first day of August has been much cooler.  Their appetites even with the heat have been amazingly good.  We try and stick to their most favorite meals.  They get chicken quarters everyday that we serve with savory meats, like beef hearts, ribs, beef roast, liver and even bacon.  Wa-ta-chee and Ohoyo are now on a diet.  It’s easy with Ohoyo because she is by herself so I can control her intact.  Tach is a challenge.  He will eat all of their extra meats and leave nothing for Woha and Niko if I don’t intervene.  So, Caretaker Don came up with the idea of putting one food pan by Niko, which he will defend and the other in the airlock which Tach is typically too smart to go into.  It allowed Woha to run in there and steal some pieces of the favorites.  Unfortunately, wise old Wa-ta-chee caught on and as soon as I headed to Niko’s spot he’d head over to the airlock to eat all of the extras.  So, I upped the game and now I put pan in front of Niko, then go open up the gate to the airlock.  I stand in between until Woha gets a few pieces and then I go put the remaining food where Tach can get it.  Yikes, they are smart!

Everyone is doing well and we are looking forward to some gorgeous fall weather.

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