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Wolves in September 2017

Wolves in September 2017


The Wolves are all healthy.  They are still pretty melancholy.  I can’t say that I blame them, I am too.  It’s so hard without Chito.  She was so “big” in every way.  They still haven’t howled since she left.  Now that the weather is cooling off a bit I may press the issue and start howling to them.  I didn’t want to upset them.  Howling was one of Chito’s fortes.  I’ve noticed that they have stopped lying on the spot where she passed away.  We had some heavy rains from the hurricanes and it was right after that that they moved out of that spot.  I’m sure the scent was washed away.

woha-september-2017.jpgWoha is starting to fight a bit with Ohoyo through the fence especially when I’m in with her giving her attention.  I’m taking this as a positive sign of things returning to some normalcy.  I also see Niko occasionally discipline Wa-ta-chee so that too is reassuring.  The amount of civility that has been displayed this past month has been a bit unsettling.  They truly were depressed.  Despite what many people believe, animals do display emotion.  I know with each Wolf that leaves the pack, they take a piece with them.  Things are never exactly the same.  They do, however, manage to get on; it’s just always different for all of us.

I put a few videos together into one that I took with my phone at feeding times.  As you can hear, I’m trying my best to be upbeat with them.  It sounds a bit strange even to me.  Hopefully, with Fall here and the changing hormones, things will liven up a tad.


On a more positive note, Niko Akni is once again starting to come and greet me on a regular basis when I enter the enclosure.  He is enjoying his belly and back rubs.  Wa-ta-chee will sneak up and give me some chicken kisses, too.  Woha is obsessed with a wasp sting I have on my ankle and tries to scent roll on it every day.  Ohoyo is being so sweet.  She greets me every day when I come in by getting up and walking over to the gate.  I start petting and talking to her and that is when Ms. Thang, Woha decides to come and harass her.  So little by little we will all heal.  Right now we are looking forward to some cooler temperatures.  Howls!

wa-ta-chee-september-2017.jpg ohoyo-september-2017.jpg 

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