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Wolves at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve in May 2017 by Maria Ferguson


The weather is heating up and the Wolves are getting pretty lazy during the day.  They start perking up around dinnertime which is sometime around 5:00pm or even a bit later if it’s too hot.


Niko Akni is still losing his winter coat.  He hides out in the cool den when it’s warm so it always takes him longer to completely lose his winter fluff.  We are still keeping an eye on his testicle.  It does seem to be shrinking a bit so the Vet has decided we will give it some more time.  He is acting just fine as you will see in the video below.


ohoyo-may-2017.jpg chito-howl.jpg

Chito is bossy as ever to Woha and Wa-ta-chee.  They seem to know how to pacify her though with muzzle rubs and rolling on their backs.  She really does keep Woha in line and tries to keep Wa-ta-chee from eating so much.  I think he’s lost a bit of weight which is a good thing for him. 

Ohoyo is doing wonderful.  She enjoys her visits with Caretaker Don and even gives him kisses.  She is normally not to affection so this makes me happy to see.  I’ve got her on a more controlled diet as well.  As the Wolves are getting older, just like with humans, the weight is creeping up on them.  It is better for their joints if they don’t extra weight to carry so I’m making a concerted effort to slowly bring them down to a better weight.

Woha is always up to something as you saw in the video. Her victim turned out to be a lizard.  I’m sorry to say he didn’t survive their play date.  They wouldn’t let me pick him up for days.  Every one of them would move it as I came in to clean up.  Wolves do like possessions.  Once it’s in their enclosure they really don’t like it to leave. 


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