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Our Wolves in the Winter of 2017 – by Maria Ferguson

Our Wolves in the Winter of 2017 – by Maria Ferguson


This was a very mild winter for the Wolves of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.  The humans enjoyed it but I’m sure the Wolves would have enjoyed some snow.  We only had one morning where there was a slight dusting.  As they are all getting up there in years I’m sure it was an easier winter on their aging bones.  It sure was on mine!


We had a relatively easy breeding season, too.  It seems that Woha has settled into her position as Omega in the pack.  She is actually submitting to Chito all of the time.  She does still push the boundaries but we can see she does this with expecting to get chastised by Chito or Niko.

Niko seems to have taken over as “Alpha” Wolf of the Wolf Howl pack.  Chito has been submitting to him much to our surprise.  She is definitely still the dominant female but he seems to be calling the shots in the pack.  A lot of responsibility comes with that role and we have noticed that he has become a bit more serious.  We can still entice him to play and be a bit silly as you will see in the video below.

This video starts out with him getting one of caretaker Don’s old socks.  Chito quickly snatches it away and proceeds to roll on it.  It doesn’t take long for Niko to seize the opportunity to snatch it back from her and this time he keeps it until he’s ready to let her play with it.  We then gave Ohoyo a turn with it.  The video ends with a lovely chorus howl with all of the WHAP pack members participating.

Breeding season is officially over here and now they are doing den digging much to our dismay.  We spend lots of time filling in dens that are too close to the fence.  Even though none of them will be having pups, it’s natural for them to prepare for them due to hormonal changes going on in their bodies.  We go through this every year.  The girls get very emotional so we provide them with lots of cuddling time and belly rubs.

Ohoyo has been busy rearranging her enclosure, I’m sure she’s looking for a place to have pups as well.  I’ve come in there several times and have seen one or more of her houses turned upside down.  She’s such a strong little thing!

wa-ta-chee-2017.jpgWa-ta-chee is awesome as usual.  He has figured out how to lead a mostly peaceful life with the pack and get as much food as he could fit in his belly.  He’s a very smart boy and knows how to stay out of the way and avoid potentially bad situations.  I’ve noticed since Niko is top Wolf now that it has given Wa-ta-chee a bit more freedom when it comes to being near us caretakers.
They are all doing well and are showing signs already of starting to lose their winter coats.  I’m sure in a few short weeks they will all be a mess.

The 2017 adoption pictures our now online.  You can purchase a symbolic Wolf adoption at this link.  If you enjoy our Wolves, this is a lovely way to show us that you do.


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