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Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolf Update January 2017 – by Maria Ferguson

The Wolves are all doing well.  They enjoyed their Christmas Party which you will see in the videos below.  I actually am posting two videos as Ohoyo’s was so funny, I wanted you to see it in its entirety.  Those other Wolves sure know how to push her buttons.  The presents in each package were 2 squeaky toys, pig ears, beef sticks and Holiday decorated biscuits which they did not like, not one bit.  I try to change things around a bit but they really are quite set in their ways now and not so willing to try new things.  I guess just like most 2 leggeds when we age, we like the same old things, too.

The weather this January here has been crazy.  We had some very cold days in the low teens, a dusting of snow, and for the last week, it’s been in the 70’s several times.  The Wolves prefer the cold and they have their big winter coats on so they don’t appreciate the days it goes back to warm.  I’m sure our winter is far from over.  I hope we get at least one decent snow for them.

They are winding down from their breeding season.  Now that they are getting older, it’s not quite as intense as it used to be.  I am thankful for that. 

If you want to learn more about your Wolf or the pack, we have tons of articles about them at Wolf News on our website that date back to before their arrival here in 2005.  We also post videos and pictures quite frequently on our facebook page so be sure to follow us there.

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