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Wolves celebrate Halloween 2016 – by Maria Ferguson

Wolves celebrate Halloween 2016  – by Maria Ferguson

We are pleased to be able to share this video of our Wolves Halloween celebration with you.  You will hear me mention several times that are Wolves are old pros at this pumpkin treat stuff.  I actually said in the video that it’s Wa-ta-chee’s 11th pumpkin but it’s actually his 12th because he came to live with us at 5 months about a month before Halloween.  He turned 11 this year.  Here are some pictures of that first celebration. 

This year we only filled them with freeze dried liver treats.  Thank you Jillian Levy and Waya Wolf for supplying them.  We love you both.  Howls …  Normally, I buy other treats but they just wind up rolling on them and smashing them into the ground.  We didn't have the money to waste on that this year.  In the opening scene of the video, we see Ohoyo rolling on her ice cream and the liver treats, she was in a mood.  We then go into the main enclosure to give the rest of the Wolf kids theirs as they are not waiting very patiently.  They manage to get the lids off the pumpkins before caretaker Don can even get them out of the wagon.  You’ve got to move quickly in there especially when it comes to liver treats.  You will be pleased to see Wa-ta-chee actually enjoying his treats and pumpkin.  He is usually way too leery of party’s to participate until we are gone.  I think the motivation was the magic of the liver treat.

They are all doing very well.  We haven’t had any substantial rain in months so they are a bit dusty.  When you pet them little clouds of dust emit from their coats like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown.  The evenings have cooled off for them and they are enjoying that.  Everyone is healthy this year and I hope they all remain that way for many more years to come.  I can’t help thinking about Waya and Nita when we celebrate Halloween.  They were both so into it.  We miss them greatly.  Having parties is hard on us caretakers because you just remember how much a particular Wolf enjoyed a certain festivity more than others.  Both Nita and Waya were wonderful characters and their spirit will always live on with us and I know many of you, too.  I thought I’d share some photos of those two rascals from pumpkins fests in the past.


If you like the type of enrichment we provide for our Wolves, consider a Symbolic Wolf adoption.  We use the proceeds for activities just like these.  Christmas will be coming soon and they do get presents to open.




We wish you all a fun and safe Hallows Eve.  AaaOOoowwwoooo

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