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Saddles on Wolves by Maria Ferguson


The air is turning cooler especially in the evening.  The Wolves are getting their downy undercoats back.  You will notice this mostly around their shoulders and down the upper middle of their backs at this time of year.  It’s called a “saddle” as it is shaped like an English riding chair.  After a month it will blend in with the rest of their coat and won’t be as noticeable.

They are all doing great.  You can watch them in the video below.  I pieced together several recordings that I took during the month of September.  The first scene is of Don giving Wa-ta-chee some well deserved pettings.  Niko thinks he is locked in the air lock but you will notice that the gate isn’t even latched.  This allows Wa-ta-chee to relax a bit while getting loved on from his caretakers.  We never force Niko in there but if he happens to be there, we’ve learned from the Wolves to seize the opportunity and we close the gate so the old man Wolf can get some attention without Niko chasing him away.  The next scene is caretaker Don playing with Woha.  She is so cute with him and you can see she understands the spirit of play even with humans.  Finally the video ends with Niko and Chito getting some well deserved belly rubs.

We will be winterizing the Wolves this month.  In addition to their monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives we will be worming them.  This will insure that they will get the most out of their food to help them through colder weather.  I’m sure with the cooler weather setting in they will be more active.  I’m hoping for a howling video next month.

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