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Wolves in August of 2016 at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve


It’s been another long hot summer for the Wolves and caretakers at Wolf Howl.  I know we will all be glad when the cooler temperatures roll in.
As are Wolves age, they are now 9 and 11 year olds, they require different things to keep them cool.  When they were younger, most of them loved their tubs filled up with water so they could get in and splash it all out.  We only have one Wolf who seems to enjoy this now and its Woha.  We noticed that they now much prefer to lie in front of the two outdoor fans, which does give off a lovely cool breeze.  They still enjoy ice chips to munch on and also lay on.  They are pretty sedentary during the day but at dusk they do use some of their reserved energy.
Ohoyo and Chito enjoy harassing each other through the fence.  Ohoyo particularly likes to show off her food to the other Wolves, since she gets fed first.  The logistics of her enclosure make this sensible.  She lays her food on her table (overturned tub) just out of paws reach of the other Wolves.  They go crazy and she growls and jumps at the fence to intimidate them.  She really knows how to press Chito and Woha’s buttons.  It’s funny to watch.

The boys, Wa-ta-chee and Niko Akni are doing well.  Niko is the new boss Wolf and everyone seems to accept that even Chito.  I think as long as they each have another Wolf that can suck up to them, they will tolerate each other in lateral dominate positions in the pack.

I’ve included two videos that were taken since the last newsletter.  The first video starts out with Ohoyo getting some treats which she promptly rolls on.  You will also see the other Wolves get some and our 13 year old Siberian husky, Nashoba get one as well.  He comes to visit the Wolves and run in between the fences every evening.  You will then see Don making it rain and filling up the tub.  Woha is the only Wolf who goes in.  The rest just treat it like a big water bowl.  The next scene is of Niko Akni rolling in the water from the hose.  “Best day ever”!  He’s such a good natured boy.  Chito promptly does the same thing in the exact spot.  Then you will see Woha go in the tub and do some splashing around.

The second video starts out with Chito rolling around and Niko Akni coming up to me, Grandma, yes I am, to get some loving.  Then you will hear growling and see Chito herding Woha.  I imagine she did something she wasn’t supposed to like interrupt her getting loved on by Don.  The camera is then very up close and personal with Niko until Don manages to get the camera away from me so I could give the boy some belly rubs.  Then on to a fence squabble with Ohoyo and Chito.  The next scene is of Niko Akni, Woha and Wa-ta-chee getting pet by Don.  You will notice that Wa-ta-chee keeps his flight or fight distance because Niko is present and he knows that if he gets too close to Don, Niko will chase him away.  Then there is a short scene of Ohoyo getting pet by Don.  The next scene is of the Wolves in the main enclosure getting treats.  Of course there is some scent rolling going on.

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