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Wolf Howl Wolves in June 2016 by Maria Ferguson


The Wolves enjoyed a cooler than normal June until the middle of the month.  We had high 90 degree temps for most of the remaining days.  They were not happy.  Wa-ta-chee and Niko took refuge in the den and the girls all found a shady place to rest in.  We turned on the fans, took out their tubs and brought them ice. 
woha-stalk.jpgI’ve witnessed Woha dominating Wa-ta-chee.  I think she wants to leave the Omega position in the pack.  I as well as Chito and Niko don’t agree with her actions.  Wa-ta-chee likes his privacy and would not do well serving in a role where he has to do things like initiate play, try to steal food and be the pack jester.  I’m hoping Ms. Woha gets this idea out of her head quickly.  We have lots of wild rabbits living all around the wolf enclosure and our house this year.  A population like that attracts the local coyotes so we had them visiting most every day.  They even left me a clump of rabbit fur.  The Wolves watch them intensely when they are here.  They never come closer than 350 feet to the enclosure so the Wolves are cool with that.  On the other hand our little coy dog, Tahlee just absolutely hates that they are on his property and will most times run them off.  I try to make sure I get him inside before he spots them or he becomes obsessed with catching Wily.

I had a wonderful trip up north to visit my family pack.  We are expecting a new 2 legged pack member next month and my daughter-in-laws shower was then.  I had a wonderful time, saw all my kids and grandchildren which made me smile from ear to ear.  Don took over caretaking duties.  The Wolves love him and all went fine.  I had trouble getting home.  It actually took me 3 days to get there.  Since when in this day and age should it take that long to get to Memphis from Wisconsin by plane?  My first flight was cancelled because of mechanical problems so I would not have made my connection in Atlanta.  Luckily my Son and Daughter-in-law weren’t far away from the airport and came back to get me.  My new flight wasn’t until the next day late afternoon.  They now had me flying to Minneapolis St Paul and then Memphis.  Well there was a bad storm and even possible tornado near Minneapolis so they closed the airport and guess what?  By the time it reopened my flight was cancelled again.  There were no hotels available since about everyone was in the same situation.  I was exhausted and upset.  Had to get back to my Wolves and Don.  Anyway, I did make it home the following day, late afternoon.

I was very glad to be home and the Wolves gave me a warm chorus howl greeting, lots of kisses and hugs, too.  Tomorrow morning I would be back to business.  Well, not quite I then woke up to a horrible head cold and a general feeling of malaise.  That lasted over a week but I still was able to care for the Wolves.  Just as my cold was waning, I developed a sharp pain in my groin area and then another in my lower back and leg. It got to the point that I was in constant agonizing pain especially during walking.  The stubborn person I am was hoping it would just go away but it didn’t.  It just got worse.  I couldn’t even lie down on the bed without being in immense pain.  After 3 or 4 days of this, I broke down and went to the Doctor.  They took x-rays that showed severe arthritis. They felt I was suffering from Piriformis syndrome and that causes pressure on the sciatic nerve.  They couldn’t believe I had made it this many years without seeing a Doctor.  Like I said, I’m stubborn.  They said I must be tough.  Happily they started to treat me immediately and I feel a bit better today.  The pain is still bad upon walking and trying to lie down so I sleep in a chair, just like at the airport, lol.

chito-roll.jpgI’m hoping in a few days I’ll be able to return to the Wolves.  I miss them so much and I believe that they miss me too.  Don drives me over to see them in the golf cart and they whimper and whine but I just can’t walk over to them as of yet.  Please send some karma for a quick recovery.  When Don drives me to see them, they are fine and excited to see me.  They want me to come in and give belly rubs, I’m sure.  I was taught as a caretaker to never enter the enclosure when you are ill or hurt.  It shows a weakness.  Now, through the years, I’ve only not been in there for a few days from being under the weather.  I will tell you that I was surprised this time to see their reaction to me through the fence. When I limped to the gift shop, they all started chuffing at me.  I guess they didn’t realize who I was as I was walking differently.  Wolves don't really recognize you by what you look like.  They know you as a whole and if something is different, they become suspicious.  To be on the safe side,  I won’t be going in until my limp goes away.
Here is a video of the kids howling, hope you enjoy.

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