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Our Wolves in May by Maria Ferguson


The outside temperature is starting to rise which makes for some lazy Wolves.  They spend most of their days under the cover of their massive shade trees that put a cool umbrella over most of their enclosure.  In the mornings and evenings they are most active during this time of year.  Our Wolves are all getting older so activity has also decreased as it does in humans with age.  They still however do play occasionally and fight, too.

Ohoyo is still holding on to that winter coat.  We managed to help her get rid of some of it the last few days but there is a considerable amount to go.  Wa-ta-chee, Chito and Woha are totally done blowing their coats but Niko Akni has a bit left around his ruff.

niko-may-2016.jpgThere is a noticeable decrease in howling during the warmer months.  Most all of it is done in the early morning hours especially dawn and the evening.  Even the local coyotes are pretty quiet during this time of year.The Wolves are pretty tense for the first part of every tour this year.  I have noticed that as they age they are less tolerant of humans that they don’t know.  I think they just don’t want to have to be on guard and they are when visitors are here.  Woha carries on at the beginning of every tour.  It starts out with her chuffing, then barking which escalates to a distress howl.  I have found some ways to distract her by either letting the visitors throw liver treats over the fence or doing our demonstrations early.  If Don is around he brings our Husky, Nashoba over for a visit.  The Wolves see the visitors interacting with him and calm down pretty quickly after that.  There are ways to minimize the stress of visitors like keeping the group together.  The Wolves get nervous when they have to watch more than one area.  We also ask that everyone keep their voices down and no running.  Their fear of visitors is that they will come into their territory.  Contrary to popular believe, Wolves are big chickens!  I explain to visitors that it would be like a bunch of strangers just standing and staring at your house.  Would you be concerned?  The bottom line is that even though our Wolves were born in captivity, they still have an inherent fear of humans.  I’m sure you agree that they should.

I’ve put together some of the videos that I uploaded to facebook this month.  I had so many I had to break them up into separate videos.  I hope that you enjoy them.  They are just things that our Wolves do on a daily basis.  I hope you find them interesting.  You will notice that in the first video they are still quite shaggy looking but that will decrease as the month goes on.  You will see our 13 year old Siberian Husky, Nashoba outside of the main enclosure fence being jealous because Don is paying attention to the Wolves and not him.  You will also see that the Wolves like him.  Woha gives him kisses through the fence.  If you would like to see videos on a regular basis, please follow our Facebook page.  You will get notifications when new videos or pictures are posted.

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