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Wolf Videos from Wolf Howl Animal Preserve


We have some fun videos of the Wolves this month.  First there is their birthday video.  I apologize for the generator noise in the first half of the video.  We had already started the party when it turned on and couldn’t just call the party off.  The Wolves would have been upset.  Wa-ta-chee and Ohoyo turned 11.  Chito, Niko Akni and Woha are now 9 years old.  Time does fly.

The second video is from my phone and parts of it were already posted to our facebook page.  The highlighted Wolf is Woha.  The Wolves are blowing their winter coats and Woha was gracious enough to let me show you how we help them get rid of their undercoats.  If you would like to purchase some Wolf fur, it is available in pendants and come with our Deluxe and Pack Wolf adoptions or you can purchase it from our wolf jewelry department.  These are both great ways to help us support our Wolves.  You will also see Woha getting disciplined by Chito for not following Wolf rules.  Finally, you will see Niko stalking and playing with Woha until Chito chases her away.

The final video is of a chorus howl.  They have been singing a lot lately.  In the wild, Wolves howl for various reasons.  They howl to rally the pack before a hunt, to celebrate the birth of pups, to warn off other packs and predators.  Breeding season howls are different and it’s obvious that they are looking for a mate. The howls are very soulful.  Our Wolves howl when they are excited, hear coyotes or red wolves howling in the distance or just because they want to sing.  They also distress howl with some of our visitors.  A distress howl is a different sounding howl that consists of short barks and then a loud howl.  The howl in this video was started because they heard a siren which is not common where we live.  You will notice that because of their advancing ages they sound a bit gruff or hoarse sometimes.  They are just like humans when they age and even the most stellar singers can’t quite hit the notes they used to.  I still think their song is lovely though.

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