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With a Little Help from our Friends – by Maria Ferguson


October started out a bit rough.  Waya was nursing injuries from trying to make his way around the Wolf enclosure without his sight.  The female Wolves were treating him poorly and nobody was eating very well especially Waya.  It was becoming difficult to believe that things would get better for him.  Don and I made more changes in the Wolf enclosure that I hoped would aid him, like moving water buckets and filling up old underground dens.  Don also took out some stumps that had sharp edges.  I talked to Chito and Woha constantly about lending Waya support instead of giving him grief.  I was trying my best to keep my spirits up for him.  Customers and newsletter readers helped by sending gifts and adopting Waya.


I talked to a young man, Andrew, an avid Wolf enthusiast and a Wolf Howl Animal Preserve customer.  Andrew had become blind in his late teens.  He explained a lot to me about what it’s like in the beginning.  His experience helped to open me up to try something new for Waya.  The key seemed to be sound not smell.  I would incorporate some of his ideas when I was with Waya.  Andrew even felt that Waya would run again though I had my doubts.  I helped by making noises near all the obstacles in the enclosure so he could judge where they were.  About a week or so later, I saw him running, running.  I would have never thought I’d see that again.  Then to my delight on October 23, 2015, Waya was out of the den and lying down but his head was up and he looked different, alert.  I saw him walking in straight lines through the middle of the enclosure without having to turn a circle.  He began meeting me at the gate, just like old times, when I brought their food in.  The most impressive change was his appetite, it was humongous.  He wasn’t walking for hours at a time anymore and he stopped sleeping in the den.  Every day since, we have seen more and more improvement in Waya.  Below you will find a video update.

The rest of the pack Chito, Niko Akni, Wa-ta-chee, Woha and Ohoyo are also returning to more normal behavior and they are eating better as well.  I was excited now for our annual Pumpkin Fest for the Wolves.  I was confident that Waya would participate.  Remember he was the PARDEE Animal of the WHAP pack.  I hope you enjoy the video of Pumpkinfest 2015.

The Wolves received their first deer of the season from our Dentist, Dr. Mark Mercier, a bow hunter.  It was the cleanest deer we ever received and he gave us all of it.  He actually gutted it and brought it to the car wash, lol.  Thank you Dr. Mercier, they have been enjoying it so much.  I think this also helped in Waya’s recuperation as deer is their favorite food.


The month ended perfectly and I am looking forward to the future with Waya and the pack. 

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