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A Scary Story about Wolves and Men

A Scary Story about Wolves and Men - Maria Ferguson

Since today is Halloween, I've decided to tell you a factual tale that will send chills up your spine. 

There was once a beautiful animal that roamed freely across North America, Europe and Asia.  This animal was the Wolf.  The wolf lived in family structures, called Packs.  Packs consisted of an Alpha male, Alpha female, their subordinate brothers, sisters, and the Alpha's young.  The Wolves were loyal to their pack.  Care-giving behavior for members of their family are second only to those of Man. 
Wolves become extinct

The wilderness, where the Wolves lived, was intact and healthy.  Ungulate populations were consistently strong and fit.  Streams and rivers were free from pollutants.  The Wolves took from the land what nature desired them to.  The Packs did the job that the forces expected of them.  They trimmed down the herds of hoofed mammals to protect and enhance their strength.  In turn, the forest plants and trees flourished.  The Wolves didn't exploit their predator status.  They took what was needed, stopping on that fine line between hunger and greed.  Life was not easy for the Wolf, but it was good.  Much of the pack's day was spent teaching yearlings to hunt and looking for food.  There was a population of humans that shared the wilderness with the Wolf and other Wildlife.  They were predators, also.  The two coexisted peacefully.  The song of the Wolf pack echoed through the mountains, hills and prairies.

Then the predator, Man, decided to tame the wilderness.  Settlers regarded the Wolf as vermin that needed to be destroyed by any means.  The Wolves were trapped, shot, poisoned, bludgeoned and even tortured.  Wolves were staked and the settlers allowed their dogs to tear them apart.  Man wired their jaws shut so they would suffer a long agonizing death by starvation.  Strychnine was scattered carelessly across the land and stuffed into carcasses of animals, killing other animals as well.  Wolves were deliberately infected with Mange and then released to spread the fatal disease to members of the pack.  Wolf pups were pulled from their dens and beaten to death.  The Wolf packs scattered deeper into the wilderness hoping to find a safer place to live, free from Man.  They were followed by bounty hunters that collected monetary incentives for Wolf pelts that they produced.

The results of this massacre were devastating not only to the Wolf but Man as well.  Wolves were extinct in most of Europe by 1900.  The eastern half of the United States lost it's Wolves by 1900.  Sub-species were totally eradicated such as the Great Plains Wolf, Canis lupus nubilus, the Red Wolf of Florida, Canis Rufus Flolirdanus, two plains and foothill sub-species, mogollonensis and youngi.  The Mexican Wolf disappeared from the wild by 1970.  The last gray Wolf in the west died in 1975.  The landscape was silent; there was no song.  Diseases spread through ungulate herds.  The population explosion of hoofed animals grazed plants and trees to their extinction.  Man polluted the air and water with manufacturing and waste.  A hole appeared in the ozone layer of the earth's atmosphere, which has led to global warming.  Extinct species are a sign of a dying planet and I firmly believe that it is only a matter of time before it is our turn

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