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Wolves at the end of Summer by Maria Ferguson


Our Wolves are not crazy about our climate in the summer and frankly I’m not either.  This summer seemed shorter and not as extreme weather wise as some have been here.  The Wolves get lazy especially in the heat of the day.  We’ve already had some cool evenings and mornings and they love it.  It’s not uncommon to see Niko stalking Woha and then the both of them running around the enclosure.  I love that, it reminds me of when they were pups.

They are all getting up there in years.  We have 8 and 10 year olds.  They still love to sing but I have noticed that their voices are changing a bit just like when people age.  They just can’t reach the same notes they did during a chorus howl.  Wa-ta-chee is gaining too much weight.  Since they live together as a pack it’s impossible to control what he eats.  Chito tries to curb him and chase him away from the food pans when she thinks he’s eating more than he should.  I can’t cut everyone’s food back as Woha and Niko tend to be thinner.  They are the most active pack members.
I put together a video of the Wolves on a warm afternoon.  You will see Waya escaping the heat and bugs in their manmade den.  You’ll also see Woha getting some special attention from me.  I put in a video of feeding time.  The first two Wolves to eat were Chito, she loves beef roast and that was on the menu that day and Wa-ta-chee, he just loves to eat.  After dinner was served I stayed and let whoever wanted some petting come and get some.  The Wolves you will see there are Chito, Niko and Woha.

Ohoyo is doing fine.  She will be glad when summer is over.  She hates when we cut the grass in her enclosure.  The other Wolves don’t mind at all.  I think she does because she is alone and feels vulnerable.
We are coming up to my favorite Wolf season, fall.  They get their beautiful winter coats back on and everyone has more energy.  They all become very loving as it is pair bonding season which is gearing up for the winter breeding season. 

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