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A Little Bit of Wolves by Maria Ferguson

A Little Bit of Wolves by Maria Ferguson


I brought in the video camera right after I fed the other night to give you a glimpse of what goes on in the Wolf enclosure just before nightfall.  It was a hot, muggy day and it had rained on and off.  The Wolves weren’t ready to eat yet so I set their food down for them and went to see Ohoyo.  At about that time our UPS driver arrived.  She is always watching them, number one to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to be doing and that they are going only in the gift shop and number two to see if they have brought them any treats as most of their treats I buy online.  They all have learned to tolerate the delivery drivers because they are consistent and sometimes they bring Wolf goodies.

The rest of the pack were lounging around in the enclosure except for Ms. Woha who was being noisy and over watching exactly what the UPS driver was doing.  Nothing gets past that girl.  You will see that everything was fine and basically a big love fest with me until Woha came back over.  Woha being the Wolf girl that she is, immediately came around behind me and proceeded to climb up on my back even though Chito was giving me kisses and getting them in return.  Then the growling begins.  What is funny is that Niko Akni will then immediately start dominating Waya.  It’s like they can’t resist.  Chito and Niko are the dominate Wolves at Wolf Howl.  They do expect to be greeted first and when they are done and walk away then other Wolves could approach.  If this doesn’t happen there is always some conflict.  Luckily outside of breeding season, these displays are normally just a show and not an actual battle.


I tried to get the Wolves to all come over to the den but as they are Wolves, they do only what they want to do.  The only one who followed me was Woha.  So, it is her that you will see the best during the chorus howl but they all joined in.  I hope you enjoy 5 minutes of being up close and personal with the Wolves.

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