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Wolf Weather by Maria Ferguson

Wolf Weather by Maria Ferguson


Thankfully, hormone levels are starting to return to normal after a very tense winter breeding season.  There are still some problems between the girls Chito and Woha but I see that it is less intense than what it’s been these past few months.  The cool part was watching how the rest of the pack stood with their Alpha.  If this wouldn’t have been, it would have been nearly impossible for Chito to retain her position.  Chito is going to have to really keep her eye on Woha as that girl has never lost her desire to be a dominant female.  She will watch and wait to see if she can sense any weakness in her Alpha Sister, Chito.  If she senses that there is, I’m confident that she will try to upstage her again.

February was cold.  We even had a few nights that dipped into the single digits.  The Wolves had a wonderful surprise last week, a decent snow.  They loved it.  The boys, Niko Akni, Waya and Wa-ta-chee became so animated.  It was nature’s way of providing them with some fun enrichment activity.  We enjoyed watching them in it.  They would just start running for no reason.  They played and sang all night.  The next day they were so tired, they didn’t even get up when I brought in their supper.  I put together a video of their snow day.

Ohoyo is doing great. She enjoyed rolling and howling in the snow, too.  I've added some of the snow pictures to our Winter Wolf Picture Gallery.  Enjoy!

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