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Tensions high at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve – by Maria Ferguson

Waya-Chito-January-2015.jpgWe are in the midst of breeding season.  As most of you know, Wolves are monestrum, which means that they ovulate once annually.  They come into season in the winter months.  It is always tense at this time of year.  This year is particularly bad.  I predicted that Woha would someday challenge her Sister and unfortunately that day has arrived.  We first observed Woha being aggressive towards Chito and Waya a few weeks ago.  Last Saturday this turned into an all out brawl.  We intervened at this point as much as we could to keep the two apart until the tension passed.  Chito does have the support of the rest of the pack but Woha follows her and continues to try to get her while her back is turned.  Woha is also trying to solicit the help of other pack mates but they are simply not interested.  They know how crazy that little girl can be.  I agree with them, she would not make a good Alpha.  She wants to better her position in the pack and always has but doesn’t think things out before she proceeds.  She acts on impulse.  In the wild this would put her pack in jeopardy.  I hope that Chito can continue to hold her own and maintain her Alpha status in the pack.  We are hoping to get by the next few weeks with no serious injuries and by that time things should start to calm down.  

I managed to get their new 2015 Wolf Adoption pictures taken before all of the hoopla began.  They are now available for purchase.  I also updated their descriptions.

I didn’t take video this month as things were just too tense.  When we are in the enclosure, the two females appeal to us and if we pay attention to one or the other, it starts a fight.  So we have been doing what we need to do in there and then get out quickly. 

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