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Wolves Christmas 2014 – by Maria Ferguson


After a busy November and December the Wolves and caretakers were ready to relax a bit and celebrate the Holiday.  We gave the Wolves their presents on Christmas Day.  The weather was beautiful, perfectly cool, dry and sunny.
They know when something fun is about to happen.  I’m sure it has to do with the break in routine.  I came in early to clean their enclosure and I could feel their excitement.  I confess that I added to their anticipation by mentioning the word PARDEE a few times.  They really do understand that word after all of these years living at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve (WHAP).  We had to wrap presents right before we brought them in to the Wolves as they had some perishable items like extra sharp cheddar cheese and summer sausage inside the boxes.  We filled them with all kinds of wholesome treats, alligator, freeze dried salmon, liver treats, turkey sweet potato jerky, all grain free and made in the USA.  Each Wolf also received an abominable snowman plush squeaky toy.  They were very cute and the Wolves sure seemed to enjoy them.  You can judge for yourself by watching the video embedded below but we think they all had fun.  A special thanks to the symbolic adoptive parents.  This activity plus all the other ones we do throughout the year are made possible by the sale of our Wolf adoption kits.  Howls!

Below are more pictures of the Wolves on Christmas Day 2014 at WHAP!


Woha with her head in the box and Chito standing proudly in the midst of her Packs celebration.


Niko Akni wanting that Yeti!

Woha on your left enjoying eating the treats as
Waya unwraps another gift.


To our utter amazement Wa-ta-chee actually came in to the party several times to steal some treats.  Maybe after almost 10 years he's possibly getting used to this PARDEE stuff.


Our little tuffy Ohoyo tearing it up.  There wasn't a trace of anything that resembled a box when she was done.

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