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Seasons change at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve – by Maria Ferguson


The Wolves are enjoying the cooler evening temperatures.  The days can still get quite warm but from dusk until late morning, the weather is wonderful.  They are playing more especially Niko Akni and Woha.  He loves to stalk her and then pounce on her.  When he gets too rough she lets him know with a growl and he backs off.

Ohoyo and Chito still enjoy a daily fence fight.  It sounds a lot worse than it ever is.  Chito has been a very affectionate girl lately with me.  She always wants belly rubs.  She makes me laugh because when she is in a mood, she won’t let me take more than a few steps before she plops herself down in front of me and rolls around on her back pawing my legs until I bend down and scratch her big old belly.


ohoyo-093014.jpgAs part of our tours, we do a demonstration where we try and get the Wolves to howl for visitors.  We noticed consistently that when the Wolves rally, they run to the fence to ask Ohoyo for permission.  I find that odd since they drove her out of the pack but I guess old habits die hard and when they were all together, she was the one that decided if they should let their guard down and howl for visitors.

Wa-ta-chee is doing great.  I was pleased to see that tonight he had first dibs on the food pan and took one of his favorite appetizers, pork necks.  He does not participate in tours, he just stays to the back of the enclosure and hopes that everyone will leave him alone.


Waya also got a pork neck tonight and was not happy when I decided to photograph him eating it.  He actually got up and took it as far away from me as he could.


Woha has been pretty vocal during tours this year.  During a tour on Sunday night, she distressed howled for probably the first hour.  Boy, it’s hard to give a tour with her carrying on; you could barely hear yourself think.  Monday before our afternoon tour arrived I had a talk with the little Missy asking her to please knock it off and explaining that she was making it very difficult for people to learn about Wolves.  To my utter amazement, she must have listened to me because for the afternoon tour she was silent.  I really truly don’t know why but I was extremely grateful.  I’ll have to remember to give the talk before every tour, LOL.

My big boy Niko Akni is as affectionate and demanding of my attention as ever.  You will see a sample of that in the video below.

Hormonal changes that eventually lead up to the Wolves breeding season in winter will become more evident this month.  In the wild this is courting season.  I can see that it must already be happening to our Wolves as my male husky, Nashoba, is totally in love with Ohoyo and wants to go flirt with her every time he goes out.  They are scent marking over each other through the fence.  He shows off for her, runs real fast and stops on a dime in front of her and stands real tall trying to get his head higher than hers.  It’s adorable.  She just kicks dirt at him though.  Typical girl, she likes the “bad” boys.

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