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Our Wolves in August by Maria Ferguson


The Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Pack likes hot weather just about as much as I do, they don’t.  Luckily most of this summer has been mild but the temps came real close to the 100’s for a few days this past month.  I put their pools out for them and brought them cool treats.

We had a good garden going this year at the Preserve and decided to dry some of the veggies for treats for us, the Wolves and dogs.  In this video, you will see them trying them for the first time.

The Wolves and I did an interview and photo shoot for Legends magazine.  I believe we will be featured in the next edition.  Hopefully by our next newsletter, I will be able to send you a link to their online edition.  The Wolves howled for both photographer and journalist.

They are starting to get their undercoats again which makes me think we will probably have some cold weather early on this fall.  They are pretty good predictors and should be consulted by weather forecasters in our area. 

niko-august-2014.jpgYesterday, we had rain for pretty much the whole day.  It was needed.  The Wolves were like little kids playing in the puddles.  The picture at the end of the video was Woha with a muddy face.  She looked so darn cute.  Niko was trying to cache a piece of chicken and wound up looking he had a black muzzle.  I came home last night looking like I was digging a den.  My clothes, glasses, socks and shoes were dripping mud.  The Wolves seem to enjoy jumping up on me when they can leave a mark.  They make me look at rainy weather in a different way.  They make the best of it and I do now as well.  Who says you can't howl in the rain?  There is a tree in their enclosure that has two trunks that are joined together at the bottom and they around 2 1/2 feet from the ground they split off.  The split has a made them a drinking bowl.  They prefer to drink rain water out of that more than the water from the spigot in their buckets.

There were many cool Wolf pawprints in the mud yesterday so I went to get my camera to photograph them but by the time I came back they were already dissipating.  I took some shots anyway and when I was looking at the photos today I was shocked to see something VERY familar to me in the pawprint.  I swear I didn't alter this picture but to resize it.  What do you see in this pawprint?  Very strange isn't it?  Let us know what you see there by filling out our contact us formstrange-wolf-pawprint.jpg 

As I’m typing this, the sun is just setting and they are serenading me with a beautiful chorus howl.  There is not a sound that I enjoy more.  The Wolves are great and I feel lucky and honored to be able to care for them on a daily basis.  My hope is that everyone that lives in a rural area will be able to enjoy the song of  the Wolf someday in the very near future.  The Wolves of the world need you and I to act as their voice and their protectors.  We can not let this wonderful predator disappear in the wild.

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