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June at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson


The Wolves don’t like the heat and have never liked the rain.  We’ve been getting a lot of both this past month.  We’ve been getting a lot of flying insects which Waya and Wa-ta-chee particularly hate.  They spend most of their time in the den.  This is common with Wolves.  I saw it when I was working at the Preserve in Wisconsin too.  It also seems to be the male Wolves that are most bothered by bugs in particular bees.  I’m glad that our Wolves have a place to escape to avoiding the extreme heat and the insects.


Ohoyo hurt her front left leg.  I discovered it on a morning check.  She was limping pretty bad and would hold her paw up off the ground when standing up.  She allowed me to check it out thoroughly and there was no swelling, cuts or abrasions.  She is very active in her enclosure, jumping up on her houses while fighting with Chito through the fence so I’m assuming she sprained it during her shenanigans.  She knew what she needed to do and that was rest it.  She spent the next few days mainly in one of her houses resting it up.  I’m happy to report that she is once again, up and about chasing Chito and jumping up on her houses. 

Niko Akni was the great hunter last week.  He found himself a big black racer snake and practiced his hunting skills.  I noticed him flipping something up in the hair and whacking it on the ground.  Fortunately for him it was not a viper but unfortunately for the snake, its trip to the Wolf enclosure would be the last one it took.  I don’t understand why any of the wild animals we have living on and around the Preserve decide it’s a good idea to enter the Wolf enclosure.  Once I knew the snake was non-venomous, I allowed them to keep their prize.  They actually ate some of it.


We are growing vegetables at the Preserve and one of our Huskies, Nashoba, just loves everything out of the garden in particular cucumbers so I brought a few into the Wolves.  They were not as impressed as Nashoba was.  Ohoyo promptly peed on hers and let it sit just where I put it down for her until I took it away the next day.  Woha took it and tore it up but really didn’t eat much of it.  Niko Akni ate some of it but didn’t finish.  Chito carried hers around for awhile but never even gave it a try.  Wa-ta-chee and Waya didn’t even attempt to taste them.

A summer treat they do love though, is ice cream.  Thanks to one of our adoptive pack Mother’s, Lynn Gray, the Wolves have a whole summer of ice cream coming.  Here is a video of our Wolves getting their first cool treat of the summer season.
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