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Wolves in May, 2014 by Maria Ferguson


The weather is finally warming up.  It’s been a relatively cool spring and the Wolves have enjoyed that.  Niko Akni and Ohoyo are still blowing their undercoats; the other Wolves are already done.  Their eating has slowed down and it makes me grateful to all of the hunters that brought us deer as I still have some to tempt them with.  It really does work to spark their appetites.  They get deer meat about every three days.

woha-soliciting-may2014.jpgWoha is acting more and more the Omega.  It makes me think of Nita when I see her soliciting from the other Wolves.  She puts her head almost down to the ground with her back end still up in the air.  She seems to have settled into the position nicely and the pack is in harmony most of the time.  Niko Akni and Waya still have their little dominance displays but nothing has changed and nobody really wins or loses.

dominance-display-may2014.jpgNiko Akni is very bossy still the dominant male of the pack.  He really doesn’t like any other Wolf by me.  He will tolerate Chito getting belly rubs but with the rest of the Wolves, he’ll just come and push them aside.  I swear that Waya approaches me sometimes just to aggravate Niko.  Waya does love his petting, though and I believe that he does seek me out for that at times with no ulterior motive.

ohoyo-may2014.jpgOhoyo has thought of a new game to annoy Chito.  I feed Ohoyo first everyday as she is the first gate and also because it makes her feel better.  Well, she has taken to putting her food by the fence just close enough so Chito and the other Wolves can see what she has.  Chito comes over and gets angry with her and while those two start squabbling over it, our darling Woha comes over and reaches her long paw through the opening of the fence and snags it.  It’s so funny because it happens so fast and Woha is always ready for it.  You see that long leg stretch out and whoosh it is gone.  Wolves are opportunists, as they have to be to hunt successfully in the wild.  I see demonstrations like this almost on a daily basis.

Wa-ta-chee is doing great.  He loves to give kisses to me and get butt scratches in return.  He meets me at the gate for his supper.  It’s his favorite time of day.

I video recorded a howl three of the Wolves did on May 30, 2014, late morning.  You will hear some howling from Chito but also her monkey chatter.  Waya howls some, but mostly does his shrill whistle.  Woha howls with some light chatter thrown in.  Niko Akni is in the video but doesn’t share his beautiful voice with us.  I just think he likes me taking pictures of him.
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