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Wolf Birthday Month by Maria Ferguson


Our Wolves celebrated their birthdays with a party.  They had ice cream, carrot cake and balloons.  A good time was had by most.  Wa-ta-chee hates parties but does enjoy the ice cream and cake when the people and balloons are gone.  In the video below, you will see Ohoyo and Waya scent rolling on the carrot cake.  Waya is the Wolf obsessed with popping all of the balloons on the tree.  At the end of the video is it Niko Akni and Woha busting the last two balloons.  Wa-ta-chee, Ohoyo and Waya turned 9 this year and Niko Akni, Chito and Woha are now 7 years old.

The Wolves are starting to blow their undercoats.  It is most evident with Woha and Wa-ta-chee and least with Niko Akni and Ohoyo.  They enjoy getting groomed and having the fur removed by caretakers.  It’s going to take awhile because their coats were extra thick this winter.

The Wolves are all in good health and enjoying attention from their caretakers.

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