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February at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson


ohoyo-valentines-2014.jpgWe are starting den digging season at Wolf Howl.  We, as caretakers can be seen with shovel in hand filling up dens that are started too close to the underground fence.  We don’t want them to dig out by accident.  The females think they are all pregnant so they are desperate to provide a safe place for their pups to be born.  It’s frustrating for us because we know they aren’t and they seem to pick the worse spots to try and dig.  We have started dens in good places hoping they will finish but they never like our choices.  They get annoyed with us as we cover up all their hard work.  Woha will start digging in a new place as we are filling up her last attempt.  It’s frustrating for them as well.

We had a little Valentine’s Dinner Party for the Wolves.  The video below shows them partaking in their chicken stew with ice cream and heart shaped cookies for dessert.

woha-valentines-2014.jpg*If you are a Wolf caretaker or know someone who is, skip the cooked chicken stew they weren't impressed.  They preferred the hunks of raw deer meat with bone that I provided them with later in the day!

We had a surprise inspection by the USDA, APHIS division last week.  As usual, we were in 100% compliance and will be allowed to get another license this year.  After their initials warning chuffs, the Wolves didn’t seem to mind our new inspector.  She said that it was her first time being that close to a Wolf.  The inspectors are all Doctors of Veterinarian medicine.  Their concern is for the health of the animals you are housing and the safety of people coming to see them.  The enclosure, kitchen, freezers, preventatives and medications are inspected.  They also looked through our medical records regarding the Wolves and an animal inventory.  Disaster plans are also required.

All of the Wolves are healthy, happy and eating well.

niko-akni-valentines-2014.jpg  waya-valentines-2014.jpg


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