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Christmas Celebration at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson


Most of our Wolves love a good party.  Wa-ta-chee is the exception to the rule.  Anything out of the ordinary makes him nervous.  Seeing he is outnumbered, we proceed with parties and enrichment activities for the Wolves.  Once all caretakers are out of the enclosure, he will come up and participate, mostly to indulge in the treats that were given.
This Christmas Eve, Santa came for the Wolves.  He brought them grain free treats consisting of bison, duck, chicken and lamb.  They also each received two toys.  Yes, they tear them up almost immediately, it is in their nature but you will see by the video below, that they really do enjoy the festivities.  No Wolf Holiday is complete without a lot of scent rolling and they will not disappoint you here.

wolves-treats-3.jpg  wolves-treats-4.jpg

Waya amazes me.  Though a very shy and cautious Wolf, he really loves to party.  He likes to keep all the presents together and open as many as he could.  He reserves eating the treats until he is sure that every gift is open.  Niko loves the toys and will toss them in the air to catch them again.  He caches his food treats for later.  Chito enjoys the toys as well and often carries them around like babies.  Woha prefers the food and will capitalize on Chito being busy with the party to pig out before her Alpha Sister notices.  Ohoyo loves to tear things up and roll on them.  She also likes that we give her the party favors first.  She enjoys the fact that the other Wolves have to watch her for awhile.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Adoptive Mom’s and Pop’s and/or the people who adopted them for you.  The proceeds from adoptions are how we are able to provide Holiday and enrichment activities throughout the year.

This year the Wolves left one present unopened until the early morning hours of Christmas when they opened it collectively.  It was very strange behavior and I’m still not sure why they did it.  Maybe they were leaving it for Nita.
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