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The Wolves in November by Maria Ferguson



It’s a very cold November.  We’ve had morning temperatures dip down in the low 20’s already.  The Wolves coats are outstanding and they actually predicted this cold blast long before it arrived.  I saw their coats were thickening up already in September. 

Even though they do enjoy the cold weather, we still provide them with some help for those long cold winter nights.  One of the ways is by giving them wheat straw or hay as bedding.  This year we couldn’t find straw locally.  I decided to try an old comforter I had for their den floor which is cement.  I brought it in and crawled into the den.  Woha joined me.  It took a while to get it all spread out and she came and lay down next to me.  I thought, "Great, this may work".  It wasn't too long after that thought escaped me when Chito came in and started fighting with Woha.  I felt extremely claustrophobic at this point.  Chito then proceeded to grab a hold of the corner of the comforter and in her powerful jaws and drag both Woha and myself out of the den on it full speed.  Wee!  Once out of the den the other Wolves joined in and needless to say it was the end of that comforter.  Not one of my most brilliant ideas.  Instead we went out the next day and bought hay.  We loaded up their den with it so they could barely walk in and placed it in favorite resting spots around their enclosure.


We just celebrated Thanksgiving with them with our Wolf Howl tradition of Rollin on Pumpkin Pie.  The video below shows you their “Hay Day” and their Thanksgiving.  Hope you enjoy it.

Breeding season is approaching quickly.  Our female Wolves go into their pro-estrus in early December and subsequent estrus in January.  Chito is courting Waya so I’m sure if he didn’t have a vasectomy they would have pups next year.  She acts like a juvenile, smacking him in the face with her huge paw, plowing and rubbing up against him.  It’s fun to watch.  She also tries to intimidate the other two females.  It’s hard for her to do with Ohoyo because there is a fence separating them so poor Woha takes the brunt of the heat.  You have to understand that Chito wants to be the only female to bear pups, that’s what Alpha Female’s want.  They want their offspring to be pampered by the rest of the pack.  Wolves love pups.  They are their future.  Without them they wouldn’t last very long in the wild.  Hunting is a tough business best left up to those that are more physically able and that are the young and strong.

The Wolves received their second deer of the season as I was typing this.  They were so excited.  There is no food that they love more.  You can see some pictures taken by our webcam of their first deer here.


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