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The Wolves at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson


Though we did have a few very warm, muggy days, this July hasn't been as bad as the last 10 I remember living in northeast Mississippi.  I am happy for that and so are the Wolves. 

We had a few picnic days during the month.  We bring out the kiddie pool for them and also some favorite summer dinners and treats.  Watch the video below to get in on the action.

For those of you considering adopting a Wolf for yourself, a friend or family member, I would like to tell you a bit about each Wolf here.

chito_nl.jpgChito is just a really stunning Wolf to look at.  She is so big for a female, solid and strong.  She runs a tight ship as the Alpha of the WHAP pack.  She simply puts up with no nonsense from the rest of the Wolves.  Yet, she is also very loving and affectionate with them at times and also with her caretakers.  She just loves to sing and tours have been a lot easier during the howl demonstrations since she took over as decision maker for the pack.  She also leads the scent roll demonstration for visitors.  Most times she is the first to drop and roll.  She also likes to scent roll on her caretakers.  I adore her and really respect the job she is doing with the pack.

niko_nl.jpghumphrey.JPGNiko Akni, ah, my boy Niko.  He is a bit of magic to me.  He’s so good looking.  A very large Wolf, long legged, tall and lanky.  He is extremely quirky.  I’m convinced he has OCD.  His personality reminds me of Humphrey in Alpha and Omega.  He is playful and a bit awkward but has a huge heart.  He serves his Sister Chito as Beta Wolf, gallantly.  He is extremely affectionate and possessive of his caretakers particularly, me.  He will throw his weight around when he feels it is his turn for some petting or belly rubs.  His constant rivalry with Waya is amusing to watch.  He does a lot of posturing to show Waya that he is above him in rank but never really hurts him.  I commend him in this, as Waya really knows how to push Niko’s buttons.

waya_nl.jpgWaya, is our good looking Lone Wolf.  He is a “Wolf” in every sense of the word.  If he were human I’d say he’d be a “player”.  He loves the ladies during breeding season, all the ladies and will take every opportunity he can get to prove it.  I’d liken him to the Hugh Hefner of the Wolf world.  He is very shy and leery but does enjoy affection from his caretakers on his terms only.  He is the biggest “foodie” I have ever met.  He just loves to eat.  He will whine and chirp when I’m bringing favorites for dinner.  He also loves to party.  He is the first Wolf to participate and get excited about enrichment activities.

woha_nl.jpgWoha is best described as a bit of a troublemaker but extremely playful.  She is also the most inquisitive Wolf in the pack.  She has to stick her muzzle in everyone’s business.  Nothing gets passed her.  She is just as cute as a female Wolf can be.  Woha had every intention of becoming Alpha someday but took her chance to soon when she disposed her Mother from the pack.  She was not prepared.  When she led the coup against Ohoyo, she enlisted the help of her Sisters, Chito and Nita.  She didn’t anticipate that Chito whom she had dominated since birth would realize her strength during the movement.  Woha is great with her caretakers.  Her and my husband Don are close as close can be.  She adores our Huskies.  She puts her ears down like a little pup when they come to visit and is extremely submissive to them.  Chito is presently grooming her for the Omega position in the pack.  At first she was a bit reluctant but I can see that Chito's persistence is paying off.  She still needs some mild reminders from Chito to behave at times but I definitely see that her destiny has been laid out for her.  I hope she realizes what an important role this is.  The Omega is the heart of the Wolf Pack and I agree with Chito that Woha is the best candidate for the position.

wa-ta-chee_nl.jpgWa-ta-chee is one of those Wolves that you just have to admire.  He is as smart as they come.  He thinks everything out sometimes to a fault.  He never lets his guard down.  He gives no human his complete trust.  He does however gets quite demanding when he decides he would like a belly rub or butt scratch.  He also can be very affectionate and give me mouth kisses.  He seems to do this when he’s just finished a big bowl of raw meat.  Yum.  He would like all visitors to stay home.  He likes things the same day in and day out.  I really do appreciate why he is like that.  Wolves are born with an inherent fear of humans.  It is how they manage to survive in the wild.  The smarter they are, the more they worry about what we will do next.  He is a gentle Wolf.  Even when he was Alpha he never was overly aggressive with the pack.  He was a wonderful Papa Wolf and I hated seeing him be dethroned.  He did manage to stay with the Pack though which is quite an accomplishment.  He has settled in nicely.  He knows if he ever wants to retire from the main pack, I will willingly move him in with Ohoyo.  He enjoys his food, which you can see.  Is there a weight watchers group for Wolves?

ohoyo_nl.jpgOhoyo is the Queen of her own domain.  In her eyes she is the only true Alpha.  I love her feisty boldness though it has landed her where she is today.  From the day she exited her traveling cage and stepped into her new enclosure at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve she was in control.  She was the only Wolf that challenged me on a daily basis for the first year and a half she lived here.  All of my clothes had holes in them from her nips and tears.  Despite all of that, I saw her spirit and cherished it.  She was playful and smart but everything had to be on her own terms.  When her daughter’s challenged her position, I saw that spirit wavier and I knew I had to help her restore it so she could live happily.  Moving her out of the main pack yet only a single fence away has done that for her.  She still thinks she is in charge.  Sometimes the other’s do to.  They still consult her when they want to howl when visitors are here.  She gets up on one of her houses and proudly raises her head in song.  She is a terror when Chito gets near the fence.  There is no love loss there.  My 10 year old male Husky, Nashoba is in love with Ohoyo.  We let him and our 14 year Husky, Juno run between the fences with the Wolves.  It’s a great enrichment activity for both Wolves and dogs.  Ohoyo is very aloof with Nashoba but I know she really does like him.  She scent marks over his markings.  He prances around for her showing off his skills and she watches with obvious delight but then coolly turns and walks away with her head and tail raised high.  Ohoyo gets fed first and I have to show her what's in the pan before I set it down in her dining room (spare house).  She smells every bit of it and if it’s something she really likes, takes a sample before I leave her the plate.  Everyday, she greets me at the gate by standing up on the fence and giving me kisses.  She still sometimes gives the male caretaker a little nip on the behind to remind him that she indeed is Queen.  She knows I’ve figured that out already.

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