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Valentine Wolves by Maria Ferguson


Our Wolves have just finished their breeding season, Yeah!!!!!  Peace is slowly being restored in the Wolf enclosure day by day.  Chito did take Waya as a mate but those of you familiar with our Wolves will know that there will be no pups as our males have all had vasectomies.  Waya did not become the dominant male; Niko Akni still holds that position.  He is Chito’s brother and I’m sure that is why she didn’t choose him as a mate.  He supports his Sister in her Alpha Role.  He is truly a dedicated Beta Wolf.  His job right now is to make sure that the girls eat first as they all believe that there will be pups born in the spring.  This causes some friction between Niko and Waya.  Waya is our foodie and he always wants to eat first.  Niko, at this time of year won’t allow it.  He wants the females to have first choice.  He has taken to scent marking on or around the food pans to keep Waya away. 

ohoyo_012813-3.jpgI like this time of year with the Wolves because after such a rough breeding season, they all become very affectionate with me.  Every time they see me, they start whining for me to come into the enclosure. The female Wolves clamor for my attention and are all very emotional. They like to rub up against me and have me pet and massage them.  Nita will grab my hand gently with her teeth if I stop petting her, asking for more.  Chito and Ohoyo just follow me around and flop down on their back in front of me soliciting belly rubs.  Woha follows me around like a little loss puppy.  When Niko Akni approaches he just shoves all of those girls to the side because he doesn’t like to share my friendship. Wa-ta-chee backs up into me so I give him the butt scratches he loves.  Waya is very quiet about his displays of affection and will gently nuzzle my hand to let me know he is ready for some ear scratches.

I was very busy taking their 2013 adoption pictures and managed to finally decide on some favorites.  I hope you like them; here is a link to our symbolic Wolf Adoption Kits displaying their updated photos.  The biographies you receive with the Deluxe Kits will be revised as well.  I had so many good pictures that I have now added some to our prints for sale in the gift shop and other’s to the pack plus their individual online galleries.  Enjoy.

wolf_pack_012013-nl.jpgUpdated Wolf Photo Galleries:

Wolf pictures, Winter 2013, 2012, 2011 (the pack)

Wolf pictures, Chito

Wolf pictures, Niko Akni
Wolf pictures, Waya

Wolf pictures, Woha

Wolf pictures, Wa-ta-chee

Wolf pictures, Nita

Wolf pictures, Ohoyo

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