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The Wolf Kids in August of 2012 by Maria Ferguson

wolf picture

Thankfully most of August was MUCH cooler for the humans and Wolves at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.  The evenings were mostly down in the low 60’s and even high 50’s.  It was magical.  When Hurricane Isaac was approaching the gulf, we did notice some warmer air, which kept things a bit warmer for the last week in August.  Thankfully, we are 5 hours north of the coast in the northeast part of Mississippi so we weren’t really impacted this time by the Hurricane.  We had some light rain and a pleasant breeze.

The Wolves enjoyed August more than our hot July.  They have been more active in the evenings starting at dusk when I bring their food in.  I video recorded one of those evenings.  You will see them eat, scuffle, visit with one of our Huskies, chirp like birdies and see the girls howl. 


A venomous snake bit Niko Akni and Woha on August 7th sometime in the late afternoon.  Niko had an almost softball side swelling on his neck and a wound on his jaw.  Woha was swollen too but not as bad and I couldn’t find her wound.  It must have been inside of her mouth.  I suspect that Niko was bit first receiving the strongest venom.  I applied Neosporin to the wound, which was immediately sloughing the skin.  I did observe that he was eating and drinking so wasn’t too concerned about any serious side effects.  He’s been bit before (yep, I know slow learner) and our Vet tells us that with each bite they get less effect from the venom.  Amazingly by the next day it had already started to heal.  He will have an area void of fur for awhile or possibly forever.  The swelling had gone down to golf ball size and Woha’s was completely gone.  They are both doing fine.




There is not much new to report on the Wolves.  Summers keep them pretty lazy.  Waya and Wa-ta-chee are putting on some weight so I’ve been trying to keep them away from the “appeteasers”.  Woha has been pretty naughty trying to get things from me that I bring into the enclosure.  She gets bored with laying around in the hot weather.  Niko Akni is staying on Waya and I suspect that he will have a tough time this breeding season.  It will be his turn.  The younger Wolves are taking over pack management.  Chito continues to run a tight ship.  She is relentless.  Nita is as sweet as ever.  She tries continuously to cause peace-keeping distractions.  I love her.  Ohoyo just enjoys the fence fighting she does with Chito and Woha.  She is the instigator.  Wa-ta-chee is doing fine.  He has settled in to his subordinate position in the pack nicely.  He has become so friendly with me and I’m enjoying that.  He gives me lots of kisses and is always soliciting belly rubs.


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