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Wolves in May at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve by Maria Ferguson


We had some really hot days near the end of May just in time for lots of visitors on Memorial Day weekend.  Normally, we do two types of demonstrations on private tours for visitors.  First we do a scent rolling demonstration and secondly a howling one.  On most of the tours they were not willing to howl because of the weather.  It was just too hot in the high 90’s.  Thankfully, a storm system came through two days ago that has really cooled things off.  We are now in the 70’s.  I’m happy to report that on yesterday's tour they offered up a lovely chorus howl all on their own.

I took some video of them two days ago while we were waiting for visitors from the UK to arrive.  It was one of those days when all they wanted to do was be near me so we’ve got some up close and personal Wolf video.  Hope you enjoy it.  The visitors from across the pond, Tony and Alma brought them ice cream, which they thoroughly enjoyed.


The pack structure for the time being seems solid.  Chito remains our only Alpha.  Nita still appears to be the clear Omega.  Niko Akni is definitely a beta.  The rest of the pack appears to be subordinates and Ohoyo of course is the queen of her own domain.  The treatment of Wa-ta-chee has improved.  He knows he must submit to Chito.  The rest of the pack pretty much leaves him alone.  Waya is really being cautious in his interactions with the pack.  I feel he instinctively knows that his age makes him a target and he tries his best to avoid conflict.  This is difficult for him around feeding time as he loves food and wishes to have it all to himself.  I do occasionally intervene as I see that his dominance of the food pans agitates Chito.  I’ll simply intimidate him away so others get a chance to eat.


For the most part shedding of the Wolves undercoats is over.  Niko Akni has a few spots in his ruff and rear flanks that have some left but I help him to get it out little by little when he allows me to.  Everything with these guys is on their own terms.  This is where they really differ from dogs.  They don’t aim to please you.  It requires patience on the caretaker’s part to get things accomplished with them.  I’ve put two pictures below, one of Wa-ta-chee and the other with Ohoyo with their winter coats and the other with their summer coats.  Amazing difference isn’t it?



I put their tubs out on the hot days.  Wa-ta-chee and Woha were the only Wolves in the main pack that took a splash in them.  Ohoyo had her tub to herself and enjoyed many dunks in the tub.  She loves to splash the water out.  They were all pretty naughty with the hose.  When I pull it, it must trigger a predatory reaction and they all try and pounce on it.  Their next move is to bite it so I have to really stay alert.  So far I’ve been successful in saving the hose.  As summer progresses they will start to ignore it, hopefully.


Their eating has slowed down this past week because of the heat.  They are still managing to eat all of their “appeteasers” but sometimes leave some chicken quarters.  All of the deer from this winter’s harvest is gone.  They will really be looking forward to hunting season again.  Venison is truly their food of choice.


Evenings are cooler and we are still getting some chorus howls during the night.  I’ve noticed that even the morning chorus howls aren’t as frequent but we did get several howls this morning with the cooler temps we are all enjoying.

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