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Getting cooler at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve – by Maria Ferguson


It looks like our 100 degree plus days may be over.  The Wolves are becoming more animated especially in the evening.  Niko and Chito have been very playful.  Chito is a great wrestler.  She can really move.  I shot a short video of one of these playful moments between them.  It wasn’t her best performance but it’s the only one I had my video camera out for.  The video is entitled “Wolf Play” and I hope you enjoy it.

It appears that Woha may have risen ever so slightly in rank and that Nita is in most likelihood the Omega again.  It seems that Chito is giving Woha a trial run at not being the lowliest pack member.  Well see how that goes as breeding season draws near.  Nita is a great Omega so I really don’t feel that this is a bad thing.  She has years of practice and knows how to get just about anything she wants.

Niko Akni is becoming extremely possessive of me.  I was sitting on the ground with my legs stretched out in front of me giving Waya some belly rubs.  Niko caught us in the act and immediately came over and stood over me.  Man, he’s a big boy.  I couldn’t see anything but his side.  I tried to look over his back and couldn’t.  Just a few days ago, I was given the honor of scratching Wa-ta-chee’s lower back.  He was really enjoying it until Niko Akni came waltzing over and pushed his big old Wolf body in between us both.  I was surprised that Wa-ta-chee just let him do it and walked away.  Niko is really making it hard for me to socialize with any of the other Wolves.

Ohoyo is doing great. She is enjoying having her own soaking tub that she doesn’t have to share with any other Wolf.  She can’t wait until I’m done filling it.  Sometimes she cautiously steps in before I’m even done.  She looks fantastic and gets plenty of exercise fighting with Chito through the fence.  I can honestly say that she hates her.  The feeling is becoming mutual as Chito can not get near the fence without getting growled and charged at.

Waya will be glad when summer is over.  He hates flying insects and we have lots of them even with their bug light on 24/7.  We had to fill in his underground den because it was too close to the back fence.  He was not happy with us for doing that.  That was his refuge.  We think we will try to encourage them to dig another underground den under their stone den.  It’s in the middle of the enclosure and we would not have to worry about them accidentally digging under the fence.  If and when we get rain again we will start digging for them and hopefully they will get the idea, we’ll see. 

Wa-ta-chee is starting to put on some displays of dominance with Waya.  He does this every once in awhile as reminder that he's still the boss.  It’s quick and Waya knows just what to do.  He lowers his head raises his paw up to touch Wa-ta-chee’s face all the while whimpering and whining.  It’s over in a few minutes and peace is restored to the pack.  Niko Akni begs food off of Wa-ta-chee knowing full well he won’t get it but it seems to give his Alpha Dad the reaffirmation he needs, so he does this a few times a week.  I’m seen some things between Chito and Wa-ta-chee that have me a bit concerned.  She seems to every once in awhile want to dominate him.  Sometimes, I see him flee and other times he will just give her a short snap.  I truly wonder if she really wants to be “the Alpha”.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.


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