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The Wolf Hunt is on - by Maria Ferguson

wolves_newsletter.jpgThe Wolf Hunt is on in the Northern Rockies. It breaks my heart to share this Wolf News with you.  They may even be facing aerial hunting there.  Idaho will also allow trapping.  You can read the grizzly details on our Wolf Forum under Wolf news and legislation.

Wolf Howl Animal Preserve is against government Wolf control of any sort.  We firmly believe that Wolves will keep their own populations in check based on territory and prey availability.  Millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on the reintroduction of Wolves.  Millions have been spent by various wildlife organizations trying to defend them through judicial means.  It appears that both actions have just inflamed proponents and have resulted in a planned massacre of Wolves starting at the end of this month.

We will continue to educate the public on why it is important to keep a keystone predator like the Wolf as part of the landscape.  We encourage you to see for yourself by visiting our Preserve or other’s like ours.  You will see that they are simply not the bloodthirsty creatures that Anti’s would like you to believe they are.  Tell everyone you know.  Bring children to see and learn about them.  Our hope is that through education of our young people that Wolves and other wildlife will survive and thrive to make a healthy planet for future generations to come.

Man is the single worse threat to the survival of Wolves and other wildlife.

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