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Wolf Howl Animal Preserve Wolf Update, June 4, 2011


This certainly has been a year of weather extremes.  We went from unseasonably cool to record high temps.  The Wolves have a hard time adjusting to this quick change just as the humans do.  We are doing our best to keep them comfortable.  Their outdoors fans are humming.  We put their tubs out, see video Water Wolves and give them ice.  Water buckets are changed at least twice a day and sometimes more.


The WHAP Wolves are healthy.  Chito has a firm paw on the Alpha situation.  It’s amazing to me how hard she worked this past winter to reach her goal.  It was Woha who started this transition by challenging her Mother, the former Alpha Female, Ohoyo.  It didn’t work out for her though.  She is firmly the Omega of the Pack replacing her Sister, Nita in that position.  Even though it was a rough transition for Woha, she has accepted her position and acts appropriately.  Woha is delightful even though she sometimes can be very naughty.  She has one of the best dispositions and a curious nature.  I enjoy her company as she follows me around looking for something to occupy her time.  The other day when I was putting out water tubs she decided to grab the hose and I said very firmly, “No Woha”.  No sooner as I said that, she dropped the hose and there were 5 other Wolves reminding her not to do that again.  She does need an occasional reminder on what is accepted in the pack.  It makes me smile that the Wolves do have my back.  Nita still uses some of her Omega ways when it’s to her advantage like trying to scam food off another Wolf.  You will see her groveling, whining and licking at the mouth of the Wolf she is appealing to.  The reason I know that she is no longer Omega is because she does dominate Woha, which still blows me away.  It’s interesting to watch these interactions, as Chito will usually quickly remind Nita of her place in this new hierarchy. 

Ohoyo, Mama Wolf has become the queen of her new domain. She is back acting like the Alpha Female she once was.  She guards her new territory fiercely when Chito or Woha approach the fence.  Her hackles immediately go up and she growls and jumps up on top of her house.  It’s good to see her back being her old feisty self.  She has also relaxed with Don coming into her enclosure.  She even gave him a kiss on the mouth yesterday.  Up until now it made her uncomfortable if it was anyone other than myself in with her.  I’m glad that time and our consistency is allowing her to trust us again.  I admit that I do spoil her a bit.  She gets everything they do but first.  She flaunts it too.  She will grab whatever I give her and parade it in front of Chito much to her dismay.  Ohoyo misses Nita and I feel that she misses her Mama too.  They visit through the fence when Chito and Woha aren’t around.  The boys will occasionally visit with her too.


The male Wolves are very mellow compared to the girls.  Wa-ta-chee still remains the Alpha and will occasionally remind the other two males Niko Akni and Waya that he is the top dog.  Niko Akni still acts like a pup around his Alpha Dad.  Waya knows his position in the pack and actually enjoys it, as there is no real pressure on him.  He gives Wa-ta-chee the respect that he deserves.  Wa-ta-chee has been seeking my attention lately.  I enjoy that, as he normally isn’t the friendliest Wolf.  I was sitting on their over turned tub the other day and called the Wolves over with a howl.  He was the second Wolf to arrive; Niko Akni is most times first when it comes to me.  I was scratching the both of them when Wa-ta-chee decided to get up on the tub and lick my face. I don’t think that Chito was happy about this as she also climbed up on the tub and got in my face.  She was whining and I didn’t feel comfortable with this so I got up.  I get the feeling with Chito that she wants to be the only Alpha figure sometimes and I am wondering if she may just go for that title.  Only time will tell. 


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