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Wolf Howl Wolves in between the Storms by Maria Ferguson

wolf picture

The Wolves do not worry about the weather like the humans do at WHAP.  In fact most times they seem to enjoy standing out in the rain much to our dismay.  They have their stone and concrete den to escape to but very rarely do they use it.  During this last major tornado breakout they were howling with the local tornado sirens.  We had to chuckle at that despite our obvious concern.  We did notice that the night after the storms had passed they were particularly jovial, though.  They played and howled for most of the night.  The weather had cooled off considerably so it was most likely that but who knows they may have been celebrating the fact that they escaped the scary weather unscathed.

nathan_tahlee.jpgWe had out of state family staying at the Preserve for ten days mid month.  One of them was my darling, almost 3 year old Grandson, Nathan.  The Wolves had seen Nathan once before when he was a mere five months old and they always seemed so interested when I returned from a trip up north in the smells I brought back.  I was hoping they would remember him and not carry on.  That didn’t happen.  They were not happy when this mini human showed up and started shaking up things at WHAP.  There was never a dull moment.  Nathan loved looking at them.  He figured out that if he ran along the fence line that they would all run with him.  They always won what he considered was a race and it was his goal to beat them.  He would look at me with those baby blues and say, “Grandma, I lose and they win”, with the look of dismay on his sweet face.  The Wolves and in particular Chito carried on for the better part of four days every time they saw him.  We heard a lot of distress howling and chuffing.  Waya being our most playful Wolf seemed to like Nathan and whined when he approached.  Niko Akni was actually pouting.  He was not happy smelling Nathan on “his” Grandma and he seemed to be upset with me.  Don suggested that we have Nathan pull the food wagon over to the enclosure gate in hopes that they would consider him a food bringer and relax a bit.  Either it worked or they just got tired because they stopped the next day.  Nathan cried when Grandma and his Dad, my son John, went into the Wolf enclosure, he wanted to come with.  This was amazing to me since he is at the age where he is fearful and skeptical of about everything.  Grandma has been telling him about Wolves since he was born so perhaps this is why he isn’t afraid of them.  One of his favorite movies is Alpha and Omega.  One of our rescue dogs, Tah-lee, the one who the Water Valley Wildlife rehabilitators gave us, just loved Nathan.  The two of them romped around for most of the visit.

wolf_picture.jpgLast year we had to replace 2 culverts and we had the old ones just lying around.  We thought maybe the Wolves would enjoy having them in their enclosures.  At the very least we knew it would be enrichment for them to have something new to check out. .  We put one in the main enclosure and the other in Ohoyo’s.  Enjoy the video of the Wolves getting their culvert.


Nathan and his Dad colored the Easter eggs for the Wolves.  The Wolves seemed to enjoy the new scent.  Normally, we would move all of the Wolves into the isolation area while we hid the eggs in the main enclosure.  This year because Ohoyo is living in what was our isolation area, we really weren’t able to hide their Easter Eggs.  We had to bring in the eggs and try to quickly place them around the enclosure with the Wolves following the both of us around.  They still had a good time and we took some video of the event.  Chito now being what I consider the dominant Wolf in the enclosure seemed to reap most of the benefits.  Watching the video you will see that Nita is still good at begging food off dominant pack members.  You will also see evidence that Woha has settled in on her new position in the pack and is able to exhibit her playful nature again.

Niko Akni, Waya and Ohoyo are still losing their winter coats.  The rest of the pack members are pretty much done.  They all look very good despite losing 3 or 4 inches of fur.  Their appetites are all good and we haven’t had reason to cut down on the portions as we usually do when the weather warms up.  They all sing for us every day especially in the evening.  Ohoyo gets up on top of one of her houses and howls along with the pack.  It’s always a magical moment that ends our day at WHAP, perfectly.


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