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Just Wolves by Maria Ferguson


It’s been a rainy month so things are a bit mushy around here.  The Wolves have been really playing with each other, which is extremely welcomed after the rough breeding season we had this year.  When they play with each other, they do a run towards each other that I call the rockin horse.  I love to see it.  Their front paws come down on the ground first with the back ones suspended in air and then the same things happens with the back paws with the front paws being off the ground.  The movement reminds me of a child’s rockin horse.  Woha has been inciting the other Wolves to play by grabbing a stick and running crazily around their enclosure.  Before long she has the entire pack involved in the chase. 


watach_03282011-1.jpgSpring brings birthday celebrations to our Wolves at the Preserve.  Niko Akni, Chito, Nita and Woha celebrated their 4th birthday with a party.  The celebrations have become web events with members of our forum watching live and posting links and pictures from the searchable webcam.  They were served pizzas, ice cream and cupcakes.  They also had their balloons, which they love to pop.  Wa-ta-chee isn’t much for the party scene.  He loves the food but hates the balloons and paparazzi.  We try to get in and out of there quickly so he can eventually enjoy the gala with just his pack.  This year we tried to set the treats at various places in the enclosure in hopes that he would go to a quiet corner and eat while we were still there, but he did not.  I do know, thanks to the webcam and our live feed in the office, that after we all left, he did get to enjoy all of the party food.  Man, they love ice cream.  Nita ate 5 ice cream cups at her party and was actually belching when she was through.  Unfortunately, we can’t give them as much as they would like or they would all have tummy aches.  Wa-ta-chee, Waya and Ohoyo had a more subdued 6th birthday party, no balloons just ice cream, Cheddar cheese and cupcakes.  They came to us when they were older and aren’t quite as relaxed with new things and the hubbub of a party as the Wolves we socialized here at the Preserve.  They do enjoy the food part of celebrations though.  I pieced together 3 birthday videos with scenes from both Pardees, as we call them at WHAP.  Here they are and hope you enjoy them. 

4th birthday Wolves video

Birthday finale Wolf video

woha_lapdog.jpgSomething else that happens at the Preserve in spring is the shedding of the Wolves undercoats.  Woha was kind enough to allow me to demonstrate what that is like for you.  I had my video camera in the enclosure hoping to catch some of their play but I was to slow.  Instead you will be able to see what it is like for them to lose their downy fur that keeps them warm and dry throughout the winter months.  Watch Wolves in Spring video.  We help them to get rid of this fur as it does cause them to get itchy.  We just use our fingers to pull and comb.  They love it and will normally stand or lie there and let us work our magic.  Woha actually sat on my knee the other day while I was grooming her.  Her back paws were actually off the ground.  She cracks me up sometimes.  This blowing of their undercoats can take up to a month or longer before it is complete.  Each Wolf is different as far as speed of this process goes and the times they start.  Factors that come into play are the amount of the time the individual Wolf stays out in the sun and how heavy their winter coat was.  This is how we get the fur for the Wolf Fur pendants we sell in our Wolf gift shop and with our deluxe symbolic adoptions

ohoyo_032811-1.jpgOhoyo will remain in the isolation area as she is still fighting with Woha and Chito through the fence.  I believe with all my heart that she would not fair well if put back in with the pack.  We are hoping to break ground on the pond for the new enclosure as soon as it dries out a bit.  Something tells me it won’t be until June the way it’s been raining down here.  Eventually, we will try to put her with one or two males from the pack in a larger enclosure.  Until then, rest assured, she is doing fine.  Her appetite is wonderful.  She gets up on one of her houses and howls with the pack.


Finally, the last video was taken during the 07 Wolves birthday party and Niko Akni was kind enough to demonstrate just how you cache your birthday treats for later.  As you will see in this video, he wanted to do this by himself.  Food Caching a Wolf video


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